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February 14th 2008
Published: February 14th 2008
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We are leaving in about an hour to go on a 4 1/2 hour car drive to the Kruger, and the house we are staying in is in Marloth. Apparently it is really hot there (Charlotte says she can't cope when she goes there)!

Julia is picking the girls up from school now, and we are all gonna go in one car, and our luggage is all in the trailer. We are taking one of Danielle and Chantelle's friends from school, and she loves it at Marloth apparently.

Everyone is really different. Charlotte has got brown hair now, but apart from that, she is the same. Danielle is soo tall, she is taller than me now! Hard to believe I know! She is so much more grown up, and her hair is really long.

Chantelle is still so sweet, although, she is really grown up. Her hair is really long, but some of the things she says and does are just like Steph, and what I imagine when we say that Steph is like Mel (King not Roake).

Cliff and Julia are fine. Cliff has already played a prank on Kayleigh by telling her that we couldn't go to the park, and then rang her and told her that he was only joking. Chantelle found it hilarious, and she couldn't stop giggling. (Shame!) LOL.

Anyway, better go and get ready to leave.

Hi Mel's family and Andrew, Mel is fine.... She doesn't miss you at all, and says she is never coming home... Only joking, but my family, I'm never coming home... HAHAHA OK, I will, only cos you can't survive without me, and we have normal food, not lentils and beans and thats it at HUgo's (Bleeuuggghhh... sound of me being sick on this computer keyboard.)

Sorry about that last paragraph, had too much sugar and caffeine, cos we are binging on it, cos we missed it! ANd having chocolate spread on bread... YUM. :-) HEHEHEE

Bye now, will load more photos on later or tomorrow, but we are going into the park tomorrow, so probably not then, but some time when I feel like it.

BTW MUm, got my sunglasses this morning, they arrived on the 8th Feb, but was being held at Post Office, Charlotte took us there this morning, very conservative driving, not like Michael Schumacher. HAHAHA....

Bye for real this time..... xxxxxxx
Mel says bye family and Andrew (where is her valentines card? Only joking, I am her valentine...) BTW Andrew, the sharks didn't eat me, so HA.


14th February 2008

Lions Bite!
Glad you got your sunglasses.......eventually. Oh and by the way I have already rented out your room so it's a good job you're not coming back! Looking forward to seeing more photos take some of the family for me and I can't believe that Danielle is taller than you......but who isn't? Have fun and remember lions bite. Love you loads Mum xxxxx

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