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Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape August 23rd 2019

Friday morning, August 23rd, the sun is shining, let’s go up Table Mountain! First, we went food shopping for Shabbat. Goldie’s Deli has lots of yummy options making sure we’d be full and satisfied all Shabbat. Then we headed for Table Mountain. The debate was whether to climb or take the cable car. It was 2 in the car, 6 climbing. Until we got there, and then the decision was we’ll all take the car. I for one, was quite happy with that decision once I was in the cable car looking down on the poor people hugging up the mountain. The view was gorgeous, the neighboring mountains, the blue Atlantic, and the different sections of Capetown. The Strauss family leaped on the rocks edging the mountain, searched for insects and lizards, and took fun filled ... read more
Waiting for the cable car
Table mountain from below
On the cable car

No motorbikes allowed. Great Day Visit. We entered the gate at Colchester (the Matyholweni Entrance Gate) from Port Elizabeth side and exit the gate in the north close to the Addo Main Camp on the Paterson Road. It is possible to do the trip in one day and you are guaranteed to see the elephants although definitely less than on previous visits. A lot of other animals to be seen and also a great bird life. On entry get a map which include a game, that allocate points to each animal and it makes it interesting and keep you wide awake. The one with the most points is obviously the winner. A lot of photo opportunities. No motorbikes allowed because of the presence of lion in the park.It is really worth a visit.... read more
Burchell's Zebra
Female Kudu's

We had both had a good night’s sleep even though the bed was almost as firm as each of the preceding nights we have had since arriving in South Africa just over a week ago. At around 6am all of a sudden the mobile started ringing and at that hour you think the worse from home. Well it didn’t turn out to be anything bad, well at least for us. Rather it was a woman phoning to say she had found our dog wandering past her property and were we aware the dog was missing. After Gretchen took a moment or two to take in what the caller had said she realised that her mobile number is still on the collar of the dog that belongs to our daughter. Gretchen explained we were in South Africa ... read more
The suspension bridge from an other angle
Fellow BBA'er on the bridge
Up the Storms River canyon

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Storms River June 1st 2019

Saturday morning has turned out to be another magnificent, sunny day and should be great for some sightseeing around Knysna before we take the short drive to Storms River in the heart of the Tsitsikamma National Park in the Eastern Cape. We had had a longer and better night’s sleep in the rondele even though the bed was still quite firm. Perhaps it was the wine last night that gave us the perfect nightcap. Breakfast again was very fulfilling and Gretchen even had an option for Weetbix which would have made it just like home. But she is enjoying the yogurt here so much she decided against following what she would have at home. We had a good old chat with Katrin, the lodge owner, trying to put the world right .It is always very interesting ... read more
Kynsna Heads
Million dollar views from the house opposite headland
Viewing platform and luxury clifftop homes,Knysna

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape September 30th 2018

Day 6 This morning we joined our fellow travellers for the start of our Explore trip. There are 4 others plus our guide. Celeste - Canadian ; Keri - Canadian ; Danny - American/Californian ; Nick - English/Cheltenham. Vern, our guide, is probably around 30, Afrikaans, 6 years UK army, then various jobs in other countries including Canada, been guiding for 3 years. He believes in hunting, a necessary, ecological control measure. And believes the way to kill more animals is to become vegan - as the farmers growing 'vegan' crops such as soya and lentils have to shoot hundreds of animals that want to try to eat the crops. But, he is very good at his job. Except that he drives waaay too fast! Transport is an 8 passenger van with drop down side windows ... read more
Our eco-camp
Our roundels
Wild freshia

Another leisurely start to the day. Bags out and on the bus by 0930. Heading to Port Elizabeth via a few other stops on the way. First stop is at a beach resort called Plettenburg Bay. Steep drive down to the beach where they have a hotel on the waters edge that is in th shape if a ship - sort of. As the tour guide said, it looks like it should be in a James Bond movie. As we watch a whale watching boat is coming into the shore. Big catamaran with lots on board. Flying to the beach, we all say the same thing. He must be going to beach it. Sure enough, straight up into the sand. A guy wheels a stairway out, like a plane and the people climb down. A tractor ... read more

Goedemorgen! Weer even een update over de laatste week. Ik was al bijna even vergeten dat ik hier eigenlijk kom om mijn minor te volgen. Aangezien we rond de 4 uur les per week hebben, vergeet je dit nog wel eens. Maar goed, school is begonnen, en we moeten af en toe hier wat voor doen. Verder had ik samen met een vriend besloten, dat als we hier toch zijn, we beter voor de hele African experience kunnen gaan. Dus, we gingen naar de kapper. Een halve meter haar lichter, vertrok ik hier weer. In het weekend zijn we vertrokken naar Addo. Addo elephant park is het 3e grootse beschermde park in zuid-afrika. We zijn zaterdag ochtend vertrokken naar onze airbnb, wat een 45 min rijden was van het park. 'S middags hebben we een boottochtje ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port Alfred May 10th 2018

Hoihoi, Ik dacht dat naar Schiphol rijden al lang duurde, 2 uur lang in een auto. Ik kwam erachter tijdens mijn eerste dag reizen, dat deze 2 uur helemaal niks voorstelt. Eerst met toch wel een raar gevoel afscheid nemen van de ouders en broertjelief. Daarna begon het wachten. Eerst 2 uur op Schiphol, daarna naar Londen vliegen. 4 Uur lang wachten in Londen, en toen op naar Johannesburg. 11 Uur lang in een vliegtuig zitten vliegt eigenlijk wel om (ja, woordgrap). Films kijken, door het vliegtuig rondlopen en het overheerlijke voedsel eten wat we kregen geserveerd. Met een stewardess die er wel iets minder zin in had dan wij. Goed, aangekomen in Johannesburg, waar we ook 2 uur moesten wachten, meteen even naar buiten gegaan om de Afrikaanse lucht door de longen te laten gaan. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port Elizabeth March 13th 2018

Here we are....the magic golf road trip! I did it in Scotland while I was 16 years old, and again a year after.....I did short golf road trips years after. But this is the kicking reality...good golf courses when you are not 15 years old are expensive to play...and doing them every day, even twice a day, in some corner of the world like the US and Australia very fast turn into an outrage to your credit card! Then the God of golf created South Africa. The country has over 500 golf courses...and Golf Digest is ranking every two years the top 100....all of them being pretty amazing. As of today, I have play over 40 courses of the current and last 100 top ranking in the country. Bear in mind, 3 of those are ranked ... read more
Elephants in Addo...
Swinging Humewood in Port Elizabeth
Addo National Park

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Cintza February 17th 2018

So it’s been a year now since we left our comfortable work-hard-play-hard lives in London, where life was more or less all about work and trying to spend our free time as best as we could. We traded it in for another type of life, where now there is no work at all and all we do is travel. To travel sometimes feels a bit like work we have to admit. For us it is clearly something different than holidays. We have been on the road travelling through 14 countries and we have stayed in 128 different places. We travelled 46.337 kilometres in total of which 22.100 with flights meaning around 24.000 over land and sea. The longest day of travelling by bus was 26 hours but we got really used to travelling long distances and ... read more
Braai masters at work

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