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Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns December 2nd 2008

Today I left Coffee Bay and now I am in Port St. Johns, another small village on the coast, 100km off the highway. The entire 1 ½ hour drive from Coffee Bay to the highway, then 1 ½ drive from the highway to Port St Johns, I just watched the countryside roll by. I did the same yesterday, when riding back to the hostel from Hole in the Wall. All along, I repeatedly thought to myself THIS is Africa. Of course, all I’ve been seeing and experiencing is Africa. But this is the Africa of fantasies. This is the place of folklore, of National Geographic, of rural life in traditional homes, of culture. This is where for 100 kilometres, you pass nothing but farmland, and not farmland like home, but where animals freely graze, not a ... read more
Animals Graze
Country Side

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns November 6th 2008

The internet has been becoming increasingly hard to get onto as I get more remote. I have tried a couple of times, but in one place the computer broke down, in another there was a power cut...and here they only have limited times in the day to use it. Thats an explanation for why this blog has been a while coming. Its also really slow here so there may be very few, if any, photos for now! So - Buffalo Bay seems a long time ago now. Not much else happened there, except I met a few bikers who turn up every Sunday for a braai and a catch-up. Plettenberg Bay was fairly unexciting, possibly my least favourite stop so far. The hostel was run by an ex-schoolteacher, and you did feel a little bit like ... read more
At Dijembe backpackers
Storms River Village
Buccaneers in Cintsa

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns July 26th 2008

Before we left South Africa it was imperative to make one more trip to Port St. Johns.....and I know I already wrote about the place, but I just wanted to share some more shots of this beautiful place. Keep in mind that all of these photos were taken on the same day!! ... read more
playing with tires
more fun with tires

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns July 7th 2008

The Wild Coast is described as the "real" africa that most travellers to South Africa miss. It's a lot more remote and un-developed compared to the rest of the country and the coastline is beautiful. We had initially planned on about 5 days to explore the wild coast but found that after a couple of days it was time to move on. It was very beautiful and quiet; we probably would have stayed longer except that when we arrived in Coffee Bay, the place was booked up due to a music festival. So now we're taking a day in East London to catch up on things. The nicest setting was The Kraal at Mpande where dolphins and humpback whales could be seen from the viewpoint on top of the hill. The food and accomodation were overpriced ... read more
2nd Beach
Wild Coast

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns July 5th 2008

Friday was the final day of the term at Thanda, and the beginning of a two-week school holiday. Viktorija, myself, Jeff and Amy planned a three day trip to Port St. John, a small town about three hours’ drive down the coast from Hibberdene. The ride through the mountainous region along the southeastern coast of South Africa was really beautiful, and exactly what I had been wanting to see here in South Africa. Living in Hibberdene has a sort of Post-Apartheid feel, working out in th cane fields it feels as if the Apartheid never left, but inland and down the coast we drove through stunning scenery, alive and bumpin’ African villages (pardon the problematic and politically incorrect depiction). It reminded me, in fact, of the Adamaoua Province in Cameroon, where I stayed for two months ... read more
The view from the hostel

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns June 2nd 2008

Once again we had to brave the road that God with a fever and sore throat from hell, and Dave with a broken toe. So picture, this, me driving this huge white panel van that looks very much like a taxi, with a trailer on the back,through this shitty town,through mud filled potholes, and every single person beside the road is hailing me down for a lift!!! APPARENTLY, you can get to Hole in the Wall from this road,but after about an hour of driving and not seeing any definite signs, and having various GPS problems, from no satellite reception, to confusion about direction, we decided in our ill states to just stop buggering around in rural Transkei and move on to Port St Johns, so sadly we did not get to go to Hole ... read more
First Beach
First Beach
First Beach

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns January 6th 2008

I wouldn't have expected Black Africa in this country, but here I am.... It seems as if Aparheid had never touched this part of the country - and in a way it didn't - Within the "old" South Africa, 10 homelands were created, four of which were granted "independence" by South Africa; the first of them was the so called Transkei, the area in easternmost Cape Province, today's Eastern Cape. And that's were I ended up that Sunday.... Once again I had come to give my hiking boots another work out and once again - this time even more forceful - the locals were putting quite a bit of effort into discouraging me from going by myself. Which turned out to be true - once again! So I adhered to their advice and since I couldn't ... read more
Two locals killing time at the beach in Coffey Bay
Wild drive up to have sundowners on the mountain top
The Wild Coast - not so wild here

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns December 4th 2007

Photos : (Apologies if this isn’t a totally correct order of events, it was 7 months ago!) So, bright and early the next morning (6:00am to be precise,) we found ourselves packed and boarding the baz bus again. We had flicked through our coast to coast guide and decided that the Jungle Monkey at a little town called Port St Johns looked nice. Little did we know… The journey was much the same as usual; luckily we had grabbed the back seat again so Bethan spread out and slept most of the way. At roughly 2:30pm we arrived at The Jungle Monkey. I think I fell in love with the place the moment we arrived. The bus pulled up at the bottom of the steps, and it was like a tropical paradise walking up to the ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns February 18th 2007

Port St Johns = dope smoker’s haven (they grow it here) only had time to stay there one night which is properly a good thing! Chilled with the people staying here then went on a hike to ‘3rd Beach’. On the way there was a guy surffing with one leg, we found where he put the other! Nobody was on this massive beautiful beach so we enjoyed it all to our selves. ... read more
3rd beach

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns September 23rd 2006

Well Arrived in Port St Johns to a hostel called Amapondo. Port St Johns is a place full of old hippies and the pace of life there is slower than a a drunk snail's. It's a really lovely little town with not much going on but is full of character - and characters! It was their holiday weekend when we were there, so lots of festivals and events were going on. I got talking to the owner of the hostel who was I think on his 10th joint of the evening, and he asked if I was a sporty type of person. Wondering how he could have known that I was, I was intrigued so told him I play the odd game of tennis and hop on the mountain bike now and again. In response he ... read more

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