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Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns July 1st 2017

We walked the 75 k-ish Wild Coast Trail over the first five days of July 2017, beginning at Amapondo Backpackers in Port St. Johns and ending at Sugarloaf backpackers in Coffee Bay. Peggy put it best - that if this walk was our only excursion in South Africa, we would leave satisfied with our trip. The scenery is spectacular and varied, the locals are friendly and accommodating, and every interaction is a cultural experience to an outsider. The weather is near perfect this time of year, with highs in the low 70sF and lows around 50, with clear skies and a low sun. The rolling terrain of the coastline has plenty of steep ups and downs, but none are sustained or overly technical for an average-ability hiker. Our experience was simply wonderful and we can't recommend ... read more
Gutting Shad
Night 2 crew
Peggy teaching yoga

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns April 27th 2012

Hi all, the wild coast is realy wild but unspoilt, nature is what it was supposed to be, wild. What thay say about the roads here are true, you need patiants and be wide awake, lots of road works and stop and go, then you get to go you find a notice board that says there are traffic calmers for the next 20 kl, what that is is speed humps every 100 meters and then you get 3 in a row, now towing a van here is no fun, first gear to go over the humps then to 2 nd and back to 1st for the next humps, (traffic calmers, my bum, more like traffic agrevaters.) But when we reached our destination it was all worth it,we are on the bank of the Umzumvubu river about ... read more
cremorne w 024
cremorne w 002
cremorne w 003

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns January 27th 2010

Its been almost a month since I returned to India, spent this time just relaxing, meeting friends, partying and planning the next trip. Will leave on 7th Feb on a train trip to South India, Andaman Islands and North East India. Looking forward to be out on the road again. Meanwhile, here is the update of the last 2 days I spent in South Africa. Will start updating the blog again about the India trip once am on the road. ======================================================= After Coffee Bay, we decided to stay close to Port St Johns and go exploring in and around Umganzi River. We took a boatride on the Umganzi River, keeping an eye on the kids was a task (the boat was easy to fall out from :), but it was a fun ride. At one point, ... read more
Rusty n Shelly on the boat on Umganzi River
Shaurya on the boat
Umganzi River seen from the boat

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns January 8th 2010

Wish you all a happy new year, I am updating the blog after returning to Mumbai (and naturally a few days of lazing around and meeting friends, worked for a day or so, but have gotten out of that habit swiftly :). These updates are about my last trip in South Africa, to Wild Coast. Wild Coast, which is in the Eastern Cape of South Africa is described as "the most naturally beautiful" part of South Africa. This is an area seldom ventured into by travellers, but those who venture find a mouth watering treat of nature's beauty. I came to Wild Coast along with Rusty, Shelly, Shaurya along with their neighbors (Balram Bhaiya, Madhu Bhabhi and their two kids, Muskaan and Animesh) who have gone onto become friends. We drove down from Joeberg in two ... read more
Sunrise in Mt Kenya (missing from earlier entry)
Drive to Kwazulu Natal
Drive through Kwazulu Natal

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns January 8th 2010

We woke up to a cloudy sky, well this was supposed to be sunny weather around this time of the year, but that's how the weathers been for me We drove out to the Second Beach, which was nice and clean, though swimming there is dangerous thanks to Sharks (last Sunday there was a Shark attack). We hung around on the sand for a bit, then tried First Beach, which is just not swimmable We then went to the top of the mountain in front of our cottage, Mt. Thesiger, there is an airstrip on top of it, driving on it reminds you of Bollywood movie scenes. Again, it was cloudy there, so we headed back to the cottage for a relaxed evening ... read more
Gang on 2nd Beach
Cute pic
Second Beach

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns January 8th 2010

Christmas didn't bring us much joy in terms of weather, but we still decided to go to Coffee Bay, a town about 190 km from Port St Johns, known for its black pebbled beaches. We also planned to visit Hole in the Wall, a rock formation in the sea about 9 km from Coffee Bay that creates unique and sometimes very loud sound due to the hole in the wall amidst the water The road from Port St Johns to Mtata was nice and very scenic. From Mtata to Coffee Bay (distance of 90 km), we encountered the first hole, I mean potholes. Massive ones, strewn across the road for almost 40 km. Driving there was like rally driving, we must have driven couple of km sideways to avoid the holes. Once we reached Coffee Bay, ... read more
The boys will hate this pic when they grow up :)
Drive to Coffee Bay
Drive to Coffee Bay

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns October 16th 2009

Firstly- to everyone who has commented, thank you very much. My clients and friends and family, thanks for the kind words. i hope the blog is enjoyable. I will keep it up as often as possible. take care... my second day in port st Johns was great,, very dirty and beat up by thorns and rocks..I went walking through the small coastal town for a bit in the morning-- the people are friendly and there is a general laid back is so peaceful here.. no loud noises, no taxis speeding around every corner. I went into this museum that combines local art with old photos of the Port pre-World War I. It was really cool to see these old ships photographed in 1890. there was a section of art by local kids in the ... read more
into the jungle
at the beach
trekking onward

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns July 8th 2009

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns April 27th 2009

Her kommer billeder og lidt tekst om min forlænget weekend med Mine ved Wild Coast. Det var en super lækker weekend, og billederne kan måske bruges som inspiration for folk, som overvejer om en tur til Sydafrika er pengene og rejsen værd. Mit salgstrick ville i hvert fald gå på: Sand, vand, vidunderligt landskab, dejlige mennesker og spændende kultur. Wild Coast er Wunderschön!... read more
Stadig Port St. Edwards
Første reklame for Wild Coast
På vejen

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port St Johns December 3rd 2008

Yesterday, just before dinner time, I arrived in Port St. Johns. PSJ is a small town, 100 kilometres off the highway, along the Wild Coast. The town centre is very small - two main streets - but hectic, completely packed with people. My hostel is 4 kilometres outside of town and is an absolute tranquil oasis. Here I’ve found everything I thought I was going to find in Coffee Bay: beautiful natural surroundings, quiet and picturesque hostel, friendly people and hammocks on the hill! While there was still a bit of daylight left, myself and another girl who I met on the shuttle, walked down to the beach. It has the very original name of Second Beach. There are three beaches in the area - any guesses on their names? It was overcast and a rather ... read more
Second Beach - View from the Hostel
Second Beach
At Second Beach

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