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No motorbikes allowed. Great Day Visit. We entered the gate at Colchester (the Matyholweni Entrance Gate) from Port Elizabeth side and exit the gate in the north close to the Addo Main Camp on the Paterson Road. It is possible to do the trip in one day and you are guaranteed to see the elephants although definitely less than on previous visits. A lot of other animals to be seen and also a great bird life. On entry get a map which include a game, that allocate points to each animal and it makes it interesting and keep you wide awake. The one with the most points is obviously the winner. A lot of photo opportunities. No motorbikes allowed because of the presence of lion in the park.It is really worth a visit.... read more
Burchell's Zebra
Female Kudu's

Goedemorgen! Weer even een update over de laatste week. Ik was al bijna even vergeten dat ik hier eigenlijk kom om mijn minor te volgen. Aangezien we rond de 4 uur les per week hebben, vergeet je dit nog wel eens. Maar goed, school is begonnen, en we moeten af en toe hier wat voor doen. Verder had ik samen met een vriend besloten, dat als we hier toch zijn, we beter voor de hele African experience kunnen gaan. Dus, we gingen naar de kapper. Een halve meter haar lichter, vertrok ik hier weer. In het weekend zijn we vertrokken naar Addo. Addo elephant park is het 3e grootse beschermde park in zuid-afrika. We zijn zaterdag ochtend vertrokken naar onze airbnb, wat een 45 min rijden was van het park. 'S middags hebben we een boottochtje ... read more

Olimme varanneet puistokierroksen tuolta: Opastettu kierros alkoi klo 8.15 ja päättyi klo 18. Aamiainen oli klo 7, koska ajomatka kesti 40 minuuttia. Näimme norsuja läheltä ja kaukaa. Kerran norsuja meni tien yli auton edestä, kerran ohitimme norsun. Näimme myös puhveleita, antilooppeja, seeproja, strutseja ja pahkasikoja eli "pumbia" - tuttu Leijonakuninkaasta. Autossa oli tarjolla kylmiä juomia. Pysähdyttiin kerran näköalapaikalle kusitauolle. Siellä oli varoituskyltti leijonista, mutta oppaan mukaan leijonia ei ollut nähty siellä vähään aikaan. Klo 13 oli lounas. Oppaat tekivät tulen ja grillasivat kananvartaita ja makkaraa. Autossa oli tilaa kymmenelle mutta meidän lisäksi vain opas. Oppaat viestivät keskenään WhatsApissa, ja saimme vihiä leijonista, joita mentiin katsomaan vauhdilla. Paluumatk... read more

Sometimes not having set plans is the best plan. Meeting the Swiss cyclists on day 2 of my bike trip was pure luck, but led to some of the best times I had on this trip. I had intended to ride to Knysna and then back to Cape Town, but Arnaud and Anouk were going to Addo National Park to see some wildlife and we decided to go together. That meant riding to Jeffrey's Bay, renting a vehicle, driving to Addo together and then I would drive the car back to Jeffrey's Bay and they would continue their trip to Tanzania while I would ride back to Cape Town. Good plan, but with some challenges: first we had to ride to Jeffrey's Bay in one day, which was our longest ride so far, but luckily not ... read more
Cat and Laf
3 happy cyclists
the girls at work

Wir wohnen in der Addo Dung Beetle Lodge, einem einsam auf einem Farmgelände gelegenen kleinen Resort, das tatsächlich dem Mistkäfer gewidmet ist. Die Rezeption ist einem Misthaufen nachempfunden und neben einem schönen im afrikanischen Stil gehaltenen offenen Hauptgebäude und einigen schilfgedeckten Hütten gibt es auch vier "Dung Beetle Suites", die nochmal etwas abseits verstreut im Busch gelegen sind. So eine Suite haben wir und sie sieht tatsächlich auch aus wie ein Misthaufen. Es gibt eine große Fensterfront zur einen Seite, ansonsten ist die Suite fensterlos-höhlenartig mit einem offenen Bad und super gemütlich. Es gibt einen kleinen Pool und eine sonnige Terrasse am "Lapa", dem Haupthaus mit Frühstücksbereich und einer wunderschön afrikanisch eingerichteten Lounge. Hier sitzen wir ein bisschen in der Sonne, lesen und überblicken das Farmgelände, das sich unter uns h... read more
Im Addo Elefant Park

Im Addo Elephant Park Die Self-Driving-Safari mit unserem Hop-on-hop-off-Guide Simni war wohl das aufregendste in unserem Urlaub bisher. Wir haben uns erhofft endlich ein paar Elefanten zu sehen aber unsere Erwartungen wurden weit übertroffen: wir haben nicht einen Elefanten gesehen sondern 59 (Nicolas hat alle gezählt), Größe und kleine, Männlein und Weiblein, manche waren zum angreifen nahe. Das war wirklich beeindruckend! Als Bonus haben wir dann auch die Löwen auf dem Silbertablett serviert bekommen: nicht mal 20 m von uns entfernt, nutzten sie den Schatten der Büsche um ihr Mittagsschläfchen zu halten und selbst dabei sehen sie noch sehr, sehr imposant und beeindruckend mächtig aus! Viele andere Tiere kreuzten auch noch unsere Wege: Warzenschweine, Zebras, Kudus, Kuhantilopen, ein Erdmännchen, Büffeln,... Wir hatten wirklich großes Glück, so viele Tiere aus so ... read more

So here we are, as every year, I'm running late on writing the summer holidays blogs....but that's just because, we are way too busy away from any computer....and when the kids are too busy all day long away from their computer, I'm simply an happy Dad! So we drove all the way from Tiffindell to Queenstown. Tiffindell you can understand if you read the last blog. But seriously, driving to should be for a burger and more skiing, I can already hear Jo laughing...but sorry, wrong Queenstown, this is Queenstown South Africa. You have never heard of the may have driven through it...but let be honest...why would you stop here. Well, we are on our way to the South and what should be warmer weather....and I don't intend to drive a lot after 5pm ... read more
I think he feels more at ease with the sharks!
Sunset, Addo time!
That was a cute fight...

On our way out of Addo Elephant Park, we saw an amazing congregation of elephants at one of the watering holes--maybe 100! Some came within feet of our car--rather a daunting spectacle. It was entertaining to watch the interaction among them as more herds of elephants kept arriving at the watering hole. Warthogs and water buffalo were also present. We drove to Hogsback, a tiny community tucked in the mountains north west of East London (itself in the shape of a hog's back). Although we arrived in extreme heat, the weather quickly changed. Clouds moved in; hail fell on us in the night. Today, it has been cool and foggy. We did some hiking in the local area. Saw 5 California Redwoods that are more than 100 years old. Walked an outdoor labyrinth -- very meditative. ... read more

I Still can't post my video clips directly to the travelblog. I must first upload them to YouTube on my channel, then post the link below Which will take you to the videos on YouTube when you click on it. So here they are, my 3 Addo videos. Sorry, but the Quality of sound is a disaster, can't be helped. I have no audio editing capability but some of the conversations especially in the car were hilarious. So eavesdrop if you like lol. And the Quality of picture for first and third videos were quite good originally, when recorded, but somehow seems to have gone fuzzy in the transfer. I have no idea why or what to do to correct it. 1). Four minutes of pure Ellies ... A parade of elephants romping ( 2). 2 ... read more

It is true that everyone is captivated by the spell of the chance of seeing a lion. The ellies are to be seen everywhere but not the lions. Lions hold that extra thrill of danger, ellies not. Lions can pounce and eat you. Ellies can't! So there's the imaginary thrill of the chase. There are only 6 adults which were introduced to the park about 10 years ago and they roam freely. However not long ago the park separated (temporarily I think) two lionesses which are roaming behind a new fenced area (the fences are electrified) just beside the Main Camp. And the males will come to look for them when they are ready to mate. So the possibility of knowing where to look with success is higher. The Sunset Drive leaves camp at 530 just ... read more
The electrified perimeter fence at Addo
Two female Kudu
A herd of ellies

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