Rain stopped play (well until the end of the day)

Published: November 13th 2008
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We arrived in Addo ridiculously early due to wanting to get the hell out of J-Bay. Our guest house was lovely. Run by an english couple it was a lovely welcome compared to where we came from. Due to our early start we chilled out in our Roundhouse (thatched roof and all) for an hour or so and then headed to the National Park. We decided not to pay for a safari as you can navigate the park by your self and as the bad weather had follwed us from the coast we suspected that we might not be in for an adventuorous day of game viewing.
We eagerly spotted a few animals in the 1st hour, namely a tortoise and the deer type things. Then the heavy rain set in and we drove for hours straining our eyes in search of something. In our desperation we made friends with a Dung Beetle who actually stopped to look at us. You can see how the day was panning out!
After many many hours of only seeing elephant poo we headed back to the information point for a nice warming cup of tea. After revitalising ourselves with the hot brew we decided to give the park one more go....
Well would you adam and eve it - in the last 45 mins before the park shut we saw so many elephants that we were actually bored of seeing them after a while. So in short the day ended well.


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