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Africa » Seychelles » La Digue July 30th 2015

We spent our last night in Dar es Salaam celebrating my passing of the BCBA exam. We acted totally out of character and booked an executive room at the Serena Hotel and enjoyed all the benefits. We did look a bit out of place arriving to this 5 star establishment on foot with dirty backpacks and clothes that could use a wash... But they didn't kick us out so we were happy! Wow, six days and nights in paradise is really refreshing and a superb way to end this epic adventure! We spent our first night in the Seychelles on Mahe, the biggest and most populous island. The following morning we walked around Victoria, the capital, and bought some fresh fruit and vegetables before boarding the ferry to much smaller La Digue. It is our last ... read more
Dar es Salaam fish market
Dar es Salaam fish market
Serena hotel pool

Africa » Seychelles » La Digue July 17th 2010

Abs laid on the charm and got our TV changed back at the pad - one with a picture, hurrah! Abs had brought some face paint over with him in the hope that he could painted up and beat his chest in a testosterone way in a pub full of England fans. Instead, he got one man, two women and a baby. Not wanting to disappoint him though, me and the other one stole the paint and like naughty kids, snuck off to the bedroom to get ‘georged up’, emerging some minutes later to the mild surprise of Abs and NR - they knew we’d been up to something. They got georged up too, though NRG was George Lite on account of not frightening the bejeezus out of Z, who obviously wanted to be in on ... read more

Africa » Seychelles » La Digue July 17th 2010

We do the obligatory La Digue thing and hire bikes, though with little Z it’s a bit more tricky to find a bike with a seat that’s safe enough for him - and thenbless he falls asleep, ending up almost perpendicular to the wheel so that NRG ends up carrying him in the baby sling while trying to ride too - no mean feat. We make for Anse Source D’Argent, the obligatory beach, and potter along its shaded path trying to find the perfect spot - we find it - a couple of sun loungers hiding behind a scattering of granite boulders that are like confetti here, celebrating the island’s wondrous coastline. The waters are shallow but translucent and with snorkels snug on skin, me, Abs and the other one, navigate the rocky seabed and swim ... read more

Africa » Seychelles » La Digue June 11th 2010

The other one and I went for a nosy towards the north of La Digue, not having been there before, taking the road past our place and the building site, where allegedly they’re building an Oceanside restaurant (a prime destination if it is). There was a bugger of hill that I just about managed and the squeak of the brakes signalled my non extreme sports approach to descending the other side. We passed Anse Severe and cycled under the shade of the trees as the waves rolled in on our left and the ‘yellow brick road’ stretched before us through the lush landscape; it’s hard not to feel that this isn’t some Truman Show/Lost artifce, so perfectly formed is this island paradise. We seem to be doing a roaring trade in couple’s photos today snapping photos ... read more

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