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Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis December 31st 2019

E' ormai sempre piu' comune da parte dei viaggiatori via terra lungo la costa occidentale dell'Africa, cercare di evitare la famigerata frontiera tra Mauritania e Senegal posta nella citta' di Rosso: qui i cordiali doganieri mauritani, che ti hanno accolto col sorriso e a braccia aperte entrando dal Marocco, si trasformano in veri e propri vampiri assetati di sangue, in questo caso dei vostri soldi; faranno di tutto per estorcervi le ultime Ouguiya rimaste nel vostro portafogli inventandosi ogni piu' ridicola scusa. Caldo, traffico e confusione non fanno che aumentare il disagio ed il tempo necessario per superare quelst'ultimo ostacolo prima di poter uscire finalmente dal paese. La soluzione? Usare il valico alternativo di Diama. Si tratta di un piccolo villaggio sperduto in mezzo alle paludi non raggiungibile direttamente dalla capitale Nouakchott, e qui sorge dunque ... read more
Toubab Dialaw: la spiaggia dei pescatori
Saint-Louis: il porto
Toubab Dialaw: vista sul mare

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis March 5th 2018

2 mars Je suis de retour sur Dakar maintenant, après avoir quitté l'île de Gorée, étape par étape. À mon arrivée chez Martine, il n'y a de présent qu'Adeline (la gouvernante), Praline le vieux chien et un agent de sécurité fixé à sa guérite, 24 sur 24. Martine, elle, est toujours au Kenya pour le travail. Mon hôtesse m'a gentiment remit une clé de la maison lors de son départ. "Évite les hôtels sur Dakar. Tu dépenseras ton argent sur autres choses" qu'elle m'avait dit à mon arrivée au Sénégal. C'est que le Pays est une destination plutôt dispendieuse pour les voyageurs à budget. À date, je n'ai pas pu payer sous le 15 000 francs CFA (+ ou - 35$ canadien) pour mes chambres d'auberge, aussi franchement basiques étaient-elles, et puis les auberges à dortoirs ... read more
La sieste du taximan

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis January 7th 2018

Balconies en masse We might as well beging by admitting that we cheat a little bit this time. Some of the text, which isn't much in the first place, we have simply copied from a couple of blogs we wrote a few years ago. But we spend so much time writing all the other blog entries that we think that once in a while we can allow ourselves to put together one entry where we don't have to write quite as much as we normally do. Also, when we started this blog in 2006 the main purpose was to make it possible for us to upload photos and make them available to our friends and relatives. It was publishing the photos that was the main purpose, not actually writing the text which accompanies the pictures. We ... read more

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis March 27th 2014

Ok so when last you saw me it was in Senegal, at night, on the side of the road, in questionable company, hitch hiking to St Louis with about an hour to go....Definitely not what was intended!As fate would have it our angel of mercy appeared in the form of a fly 20 something year old with fresh haircut (so full of complicated razored intersecting lines and angles as to confound even Pythagorus) in shiny black car, reverberating with pumping bass, sporting multiple air fresheners and juju beads hanging in a cluster from the rear view mirror. He and his equally slick traveling companion took pity on us, flew us to St Louis in record time, and deposited us gratis in what was probably the closest to Hades that I've ever been and ever hope to ... read more
Beautiful New Additional Wife
Kind Mama Amina
St Louis Warf

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis March 26th 2014

Last year in Senegal I decided to leave the safe bustling compound of my family and being an independent (budget) adventurer, chose to travel by public (shared) taxi from the depot in downtown Dakar to St Louis in the north, 6 hours away by car; there(theoretically ) I would once again meet up with my sister and The Truck. There are many nuances to this mode of travel that are revealed only as the journey unfolds. First of all one has to wait until the taxi is full before leaving the depot...this can take quite a while as there are not exactly hoards of people making this journey on a random weekday morning. The next problem is that if you want a window rather than a middle seat where you run the risk of being sandwiched ... read more
Repacking luggage
Beautiful second wife
Fishing village

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis September 17th 2013

As part of a seaside holiday in Senegal or Senegalese tour visiting the romantic city of Saint Louis is a must! I also have opened me to a day in the beautiful old town. The former pearl of West Africa Saint Louis is located at the mouth of the Senegal River Basin, about 265 kilometers north of Dakar. Located near the border with Mauritania City until 1902 was the capital of the colony of French West Africa, which included among other things, Mauritania, Niger, Mali, Guinea and the Ivory Coast. The city is now the capital of the region of Saint Louis and has about 170,000 inhabitants, who live mainly by fishing and agriculture. Referred to in the Wolof language "Ndar" city is a cultural center of Senegal and attracts with its bustling everyday life. I ... read more

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis January 29th 2013

We are now in the very north of Senegal in Saint Louis, an island town in the middle of the broad Senegal river. There is just one bridge in from the mainland and we immediately realised how small the island is, just over a mile long and quarter of a mile wide. From this little place, France ruled Senegal, Mali, Mauritania and the Ivory Coast – more than five-times the size of France. Today, it is a sleepy and dusty town of old colonial buildings in various states of disrepair. Although sand now covers the streets, it is easy to picture this as a thriving city, controlling the river from the grand buildings. Old warehouses face the main street with impressive façades and balconies. At their rear are the quays where huge cranes wait ready to ... read more
Sunu Keur, our guest house
Our view across the river
Riding through streets

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis August 27th 2012

Not such a mini adventure when I think about it because we travelled the length of Senegal in a week. We set off last Sunday at the crack of dawn ready to face the Banjul ferry. In typical fashion we hung around waiting for the 7 o’clock ferry till about 9 o’clock. One was sitting in the dock but they decided that one was too slow so they would wait for the other to come over from the north side. That one was ridiculously slow anyway, God knows what the other one was like, taking 2 hours to travel the 5km distance from Banjul to Barra on the north bank of the river. After a quick taxi ride we finally got to the border and this time, passport at the ready, I managed to cross over ... read more
Ille de Goree
The salt piles at Lac rose
Me by the pink lake

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis January 17th 2012

Hello my wonderful and loyal readers!! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write another blog- but it's been a long 3 weeks here in Senegal. I arrived late December, in the evening. When the plane stopped, and the pilot came over the PA system saying 'the traffic controllers have stopped us in the middle of no where, and I have no idea why. You should be met by a bus when they can find us', it was confirmed in my mind: I am back in Africa. Once we were on and off the bus, I entered the arrival hall- not so different to that in Uganda. It was there that I realised no one here speaks english. Like, no one. Here it is either french or a traditional language. Two women in their ... read more
Dancing mascot at the Loute
Loute VIP section
Singing with Mama Sadio at the Flamingo Bar

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis February 14th 2011

Dear Friends and Family I have finally done something blog worthy. I have broken my sedentary behavior and left the confines of saint Louis for the even quieter conditions of Podor. Me and three other intrepid travellers decided that we needed to escape the monotony of Saint-Louis, which has become rather repetitive. Even in the small former colonial capital we wanted to escape the constant din of city life for something quieter and more relaxing. Podor is a sleepy town/city in one of the most northern reaches of Sénégal. Its draw and claim to fame is the French fort that rests beside the recently refurbished waterside. Thus Saturday morning I met my fellow adventurers at the main transit station, I myself was rather sleep deprived, as I thought that going to the local night club to ... read more
Old merchant house
Fort lock
Scaling the walls

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