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August 11th 2006
Published: August 25th 2006
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The spirit of AfricaThe spirit of AfricaThe spirit of Africa

You think that children walked giving hands with Rachel Weisz in "The Constant Gardener" just cause she is realy pretty?? It isn't, they do that with any muzungo (white person) passing by.
We didn’t have plans for Rwanda, but as we were there in our way back from the volcano in Congo, we decided to look around the country of the thousand hills. Fore our surprise we found out one of the most developed countries visited do far in Africa besides its dark history.
Quite recently the country was scene of one of the most impressive genocide known to mankind.

In 1994 the dominant tribe called "Hutu" decide to exterminate all the members of the "Tutsi" tribe (15% of the population).
After the call of their lieder, the Hutus started to kill their Tutsi neighbors, friends, and even family members freely in open day light.
No one could be left alive, children, women, men, all were killed by knives, axes, or wood pieces, after being tortured and raped in front of their families.

From that days, there is just some memorials and many pink-shirt prisoners doing forced work. The country seems to be safe and very welcoming.

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Swimming in GiseniySwimming in Giseniy
Swimming in Giseniy

Many people has died in this lake because of the volcanic gases that emerges from its bottom. We survived!!
Big plate for US$ 1Big plate for US$ 1
Big plate for US$ 1

Are you hungry? Eat as much as your plate holds for a dollar.

Bodys from slaughtered children preserved in the Memorial we visited.

The man on the left takes care of the Memorial, where his own family is on the "display".

To be recognized, the prisioners from the genocide wear pink uniform. The picture is taken from far away because....OK, for my safety!

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26th August 2006

All these things not planned...
Junior with all of that African sun I expected your tans to be better, though you're both looking well (your curls are cute). You've lost your beer-bellies by the looks of things. hehehe Drink more beer or eat more food!!! I'm getting fat so you'll have to put me on your exercise regime when I get to South Africa!! Oh and I'm not sure that you can call the brutal and unrestrained massacre of so many people in a month 'impressive' (unless you're PolPot). Some more appropriate words would be: ghastly, horrific, devastating, horrendous, sickening... They hacked children to pieces with machetes in churches. When you get back to civilisation see the movie Hotel Rwanda, and read the book The Bone Woman. I'll work on your vocabulary later!! hehehehe See you soon. Take care out there and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT HAIR. LMAO
29th August 2006

Ola Fer!
Tudo bom com você? Yes, I really love the picture about you;"the spirit of Africa" (one of my favorite without Claudio!). Do you allow me to print and stick it on my wall near all Claudio's postcards? Take care about you and about Claudio for me. I miss you both a lot and I want to meet you soon for a new adventure! muitos beijos!

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