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October 29th 2014
Published: October 29th 2014
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This very disturbing but true and must be shared. It's the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Francine and I can remember the reporting on the television. It was suppose to be a civil war of the warring ethnic groups. However being here we learned it was 100 days of killing the minority who were also the richest and most educated, the Tutsi. This was a systematic plan that had been constructed to take place. The government In power, the Hutu was the majority of people who represented the lower class, it had nothing to do with ethic classes as Rwandan people were of one language, same heritage and one country. It was a division started by the colonization by the German's and then the Belgium's, Who perpetuated the idea of ethnic groups. The world, the UN, stood by and let this systematic killing happen, while France supplied $12 million of arms to the killers in this genocide. The Catholic Church did their share of killing too by local pastors who betrayed their congregations by summoning the killers to their churches where the Tutsi were taking refuge. Another pastor ordered his church full of those running for their lives to be bulldozed. Absolutely unforgivable. They systematically went went from home to home with their list of names and addresses of Tutsi. About one quarter of a million men, women, and children were killed, or tortured, raped and then killed. Even mixed family members killed each other. Husbands killed there Tutsi wives or children. New mass graves are still being found. The French Government evacuated the Hutu Government that planned the genocide. 20% of the population was murdered. 80% of Tutsis were murdered. In one church 10 000 people were murdered over 2 days. The killers took turns to kill as they became tired from stabbing, hacking, raping, clubbing victims to death and would rest before starting again. HIV infected men were used to infect Tutsi women so they would die or their next children would have Aids and die. Therefore exterminating the Tutsi future generations. We must never forget.

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