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Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 3rd 2007

In 1994, in just under 100 days, nearly 1 million people were brutally murdered, often by family, friends and neighbours. Many years on and the sad legacy of the genocide remains. · 64% of the population live on less than 1$ a day · 3.8% of Rwandans have a secondary school education · 48% have access to clean drinking water · 2% of the population have access to electricity SACCA’s Programme There are three SACCA residential centres in the eastern province of Kibungo supporting over 200 vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Children of all ages. Each centre prides itself on its high staff to child ratio - each centre has an experienced manager, assistant manager, at least one teacher, an anamateur (supervisor) and guard and is visited on an almost daily basis by one of their ... read more
The Boys
Chantal (17) with Pamera and Farida
Lunch for 25

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 2nd 2007

Riding on the bus returning to Kigali from Kampala, Jacintha and I were talking about what we had done in the week and what we would do upon our return when I realized that I did not think about returning to Kigali, but of returning home. I realized that in the short two months that I have been here, I already think of Rwanda and the Anderson property as my home. A wise man once said, “do not make your home in a place, but in your head. That way you will never be lacking a home. Unless, of course, you lose your head.” And since Kigali is now my home, then the people living here; Papa Jean, Faustin, Eric, Fidel, Gad, etc., they are my family. Jacintha also has become like a sister to me. ... read more
Its all about the smile

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 1st 2007

The Land of Thousand Hills So I took a little detour on my way home...For those of you who don't know I changed my return date to the US to allow for a visit to Rwanda. After attending the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda a couple of times the idea emerged and it seemed like a difficult possibility to pass up. The decision was the right one. Our flight with Rwandan Air was beautiful and fromt he moment we stepped off the plane we knew it was going to be an incredible experience. Rwanda is spectacular and one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. It is so different from Tanzania in so many ways. For starters there s no flat land to be seen, and the terraced mountains are gorgeous. Aside from that ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 1st 2007

For those of you that didn’t know I’ve left life in London and taken a new job as the International Development Director for a small NGO, Children’s Care and Protection Rwanda and UK registered charity Unity of Children. CCPRWA was formed in 1998 following the genocide, by a group of Rwandan’s who had grown up as orphans in Uganda and with the support of a number of international organisations runs a number of different programmes in Rwanda, supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children across the country. From the beginning of July I’ve been working with the charity in Rwanda formulating and implementing a strategy for the development and sustainability of all their activities. At the same time I am overseeing a major capital development at the Nsinda Centre, a vocational training school run by CCPRWA in Rwanda’s ... read more
Tailoring Class
James Brown 'gets down' in class
Porridge and Passion Fruit

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali June 27th 2007

I know that Rwanda as a country has more to offer than being the country where an atrocious genocide recently took place, but it's really hard to look at the country and not immediately associate the genocide with it. The Bradt guide book on Rwanda lists a UNICEF National Trauma survey of '95, which stated that: :: 99.9% of children witnessed violence :: 79.6% of children experienced death in the family :: 69.5% witnessed someone being killed or injured :: 57.7% of children witnessed killings or injuries with a machete :: 87.5% saw dead bodies or parts of bodies One of the main reasons that I wanted to go to Rwanda was b/c I wanted to see for myself how a country can move on so quickly after a genocide, and how two groups that ... read more
names of the people killed in the genocide
flower at Lake Kibuye

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali June 21st 2007

Hello loyal fans! THis one, it wont be serious. Or long. So yesterday (Wednesday) I killed a goat. On purpose. Yup, I have blood on my hands (or did, until I washed very thouroughly). On Monday Papa Jean bought the goat and brought it back to the property, where it was immediately deemed by all the worker's as "too small". So on Tuesday Papa Jean went to take it back and get a bigger one. Failing at that, he brought the original one back and told all complainers to suck it up. Seeing as how the goat had managed to survive our scrutinies, I decided to name it, and chose "Betty". On Wednesday morning Betty got the chop. No worries, animal lovers, it was a sharp knife. We (Gad, Eric and I) then hung Betty from ... read more
Mr. Betty
Hawk 1
Hawk 2

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali June 21st 2007

After the National Park we spent a few days travelling through Kenya to the Uganda border. I'm happy to report that crossing the border was fairly uneventful and it did not take long before we were emerced into the green countryside of Uganda. Here we took a ferry ride on Lake Victoria to Ngamba Island, which is home of to a Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Many Chimps over here are killed for their meat and the babies are often exported as pets, so it was great to see that a safe place had been created to help with there survival. We watched the Chimps having lunch which was highly amusing and then Andreas from our tour accidentally dropped his camera batteries and one of the Chimps made off with an AA battery, trying his hardest to bite it ... read more
Big silver
Big momma in the mist
Mum and baby

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali June 16th 2007

Our last night at Nat Locke's place, and I decided to get a few hours sleep before our early flight the next morning. Nat had been tempting me with the thought of sticking it out in front of a laptop watching season 3 of Lost (I'd watched the last few episodes of season 2 a few nights earlier and was thoroughly engrossed), but wisdom prevailed. We were up a few hours later at 1:30am, and our lovely driver Ivan from KPC picked us up at 2am. A drive through a very quiet Kampala took us to Entebbe, where we checked in and sat around in the departure lounge for a few hours. Elle slept on my shoulder while I played games on her mobile phone. I have completed Sega Tennis in the course of this ... read more
One big family
Showing off the pet!
Somewhere between England and Hong Kong

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali June 15th 2007

Hey folks This is going to be a very brief entry, as I want it to just be visual. I am just going to attach a whole bunch of pictures, in hopes of conveying a small part of the beauty of this county. I have resized all the photos to be smaller so that they upload more quickly, but if you would like a full sized (3 megapixel) copy of a picture, email me at and tell me the photo title(s). Thank you all for your comments and messages. I have been informed that "Petite Chirurgie" means "small surgery", which the Anderson clinic does not do. Feel free to pass on the link to this blog to whomever you like, as the reason that I am writing it is to inform as many people as ... read more
Misty Morning
Flower 1
View from the Top

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