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August 3rd 2011
Published: July 6th 2012
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Today we had absolutely no plans and could sleep in. Well, sleep in meaning we got up at 8am since it was getting loud again. After breakfast we went over to the bank to get some money. It turned out I was out of pocket and had to survive the next three days with 15€ on me until my parents' transfer would reach my card (which took up to four days). No problem for me! Next we walked over to our favorite grocery store "Nakumatt" where Nellie got some postcards and tissues and then we paid a visit to the post office to final send out our postcards. We got some motos there and went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. After we bargained our mzungu price for the ride we rode there pretty quickly (again no tachometer). I really had to pull myself together so I wouldn't start crying reading all about the genocide and seeing the videos. When I entered a room filled with bones of the victims I couldn't hold it anymore. I don't think I ever cried this much in a museum, but spending time with people who had lost their families in the genocide and seeing the cripples on the street made it feel so real. You know how when you read about all the bad things in the world and the horrors people have been through it doesn't really touch you, cause growing up in a peaceful environment made it impossible to be able to imagine those things really exist. Here in Rwanda I could see all aftereffects of the genocide which made me realize it all actually happened. After all these impressions Nellie and I decided we needed a break and spent the rest of the day just hanging out in the city. So we took the motos back, but ended up in some weird part of the town, because the drivers didn't understand the location right we told them. In the end it took us twice as long to get back. We gave them 800 RwF instead of the agreed 600 RwF which is still less than 1€. Nellie burned her leg on the exhaust and got the biggest blister ever! Also one of her blisters she had one her hands burst, so she had an awesome time. We walked back to the hostel so I could put a tshirt on since I wanted to hide my sunburn at least a little. We then spent a few hours hanging out at the Simba Café, our second favorite café in the city.


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