Anne: Gorillas!!!

Published: December 11th 2012
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This morning was the long-awaited gorilla trek and it did not disappoint! We made our way through the forest to reach the location of one of the gorilla families (the second largest family in Rwanda.) It was a completely different terrain than yesterday's volcano trek, but just as muddy. Good thing the hotel staff cleans our boots!

Anyways, back to gorillas. There were 23 gorillas in the family, including one silverback, some adults, some juveniles and some babies. First thing we saw was two gorillas doing the hanky panky. I guess they wanted to put on a show for us, so I filmed it and Tyson called me a pornographer. Hehehe.

We stayed with the gorillas for a full hour. While we were there, our guides kept communicating with them to let them know that we wouldn't harm them (mainly through grunting noises.) I thought we would have to keep our distance, but they were within reach! One gorilla walked right in front of me and another one did the same thing to Tyson. Apparently we were lucky not to get kicked in the leg.

I'm attaching a few of our pics from today, but you'll have to wait until we get home to see the video :p

Judy, give Bandit a big hug for me!

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11th December 2012
Baby and mama

Too cool!
Wow, how cool must that have been?! I'm jealous. Glad you didn't get kicked. :)
11th December 2012

That's so cool that you guys were that close to the gorillas! And got to see them in "action"...looks like you guys are having a great time. Hope you're taking lots of pictures! And Ty - good work on (mostly?) climbing Bisoke...Kilimanjaro will be simple now that you made it half way up a smaller one! :) Take care guys and be safe!! PS- The dogs say hi!
12th December 2012

What an experience! It must have been frightening.
12th December 2012

Woo Hoo! Gorillas!
Can't wait to see all the pictures(and of course the video!!;)). Looks like you had a blast! Dogs are doing fine - at the baseball park every day!
12th December 2012

Wow!!! Toute une expériences! Les gars sont impressionné. ;)
13th December 2012

Wow such awesome pics- amazing that you got so close!!! Sounds like the trek of a lifetime- so glad you soaked up every last minute! Have fun in Kenya & Tanz! GL with Kili...sounds like it will be a breeze for you!

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