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Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi September 12th 2012

Thursday 6 september Again a new day. Maybe you’re wondering why this blog is in English… Well, if it was in Dutch, some people couldn’t read it and because almost everyone knows a little bit of English Evelyne said it would be better to write in English (and my French writing is bad! :P) Today was practicly the same as yesterday. In the morning Evelyne and I had our own things to do. Evelyne her internship, I had to do my preparation of my lesson. Today it didn’t go so well. It happens often that suddenly the electricity falls out. Bye bye researching. During the time the electricity was out, I made pictures of the work place (the different machines their using). It didn’t take long before a student came in the workplace. It ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi September 11th 2012

Welkom opnieuw bij een nieuwe blog .. Het heeft weer een tijdje geduurd, maar je weet wel waarom ondertussen. Ik zal er direct invliegen met het vervolg op de voorgaande blog. Dinsdag 4 september: Na ons dagelijks ontbijt vertrokken wij (Tante Myliam, Eve en ik) richting Gisenyi hospital om Eve af te zetten. We namen de moto omdat het sneller zou gaan. Een moto is hier het meest gebruikte verplaatsingsmiddel. Een ritje kost 300 RWF (+/- € 0,40). Het kan ook 400 RWF zijn, maar dit is dan voor de langere afstanden. Eens aangekomen op de stage en één man (of in dit geval: vrouw) minder stapten Tante Myliam en ik terug naar het project. Dit was mijn eerste voormiddag die ik daar ging spenderen. Het project heet IREBERO, een 'training school'. Het richt zich op ... read more
Eve & Glenn @ tantine Martine
Eve & Glenn @ tantine Martine II

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi September 7th 2012

Hier is hij dan !! De eerste post vanuit Rwanda ! Jullie vragen je wellicht af waarom het zo lang geduurt heeft ? Zoals je misschien kan vermoeden is de internetverbinding niet denderend. Het meeste gebeurt hier met een USB stick + simkaart. Als we dan eens connectie hebben met internet dan is het uitzonderlijk dat we connectie hebben voor 20 minuten. Gisteren morgen heb ik weeral 20 minuten geprobeerd eer ik op travelblog geraakte. Ik had een eerste post gemaakt maar net toen ik op 'save' drukte, kwam er nog maar eens op dat de internetverbinding verbroken was... Het makkelijkst lijkt nog een GSM met 3G , dat weten we dus voor de volgende keer ^^ Nu, buiten het internetgebeuren is het hier heel tof! De mensen zijn zeer aardig, gastvrij, spontaan, etc etc ... ... read more
Eve @ mama rosine

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi June 4th 2012

I left Kigali to go check out Gisenyi or Ruhengeri. Since 2006, the Rwandese government has started a programme of renaming a lot of the provinces and towns. This can lead to quite a bit of confusion when looking for a bus to a town that is no longer known by that name anymore. I’m not sure of the reasons for the renaming of the towns, but someone told me that some of the names have either Hutu or Tutsi connotations and it is an effort to neutralise this, as everyone is ‘Rwandan’ now. Gisenyi is on the shores of Lake Kivu and is right next to the border with the DRC. From the shores of Lake Kivu you can see into Goma. At the time of the genocide, there would have been a steady mass ... read more
Cleaning the Beach
Lake Kivu
Photo 8

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi November 17th 2011

What an intimidating country Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) seems to be and it is clear when arriving at the Rwandan border town of Gisenyi. From the relative safety of Gisenyi it is easy to view over the lake into Goma which is the border town for DRC and is known as the one of the most dangerous cities in the world (for political and environmental reasons). Looking further afield your eyes start heading skyward until you reach a cloud of smoke at the most active volcano in Africa and one of the most in the world. Here you are staring at the Nyiragongo volcano which in 2002 covered half of Goma in a layer of lava. Then looking even further afield you will notice another larger cloud of smoke heading skyward, this is another ... read more
Nyiragongo volcano
Congo seems very intimating at night time.
Colorful wildlife

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi September 22nd 2010

After receiving our expensive Congolese visas we continue north towards Gisenyi. The road is good for the most part so it's a pleasant few hours, although quite humid in the rain. On the way we stop at a school to watch some traditional Intore troupe. The school had only just finished so the playground is full of children, we are the main attraction of course. As I step out of the car, they all scream 'hello' and 'how are you?' and hold out their hand to shake. I end up having to shake about 30 hands, it's like a red carpet experience. Then they all start to cling on, so I am suddenly moving in a surge of about 100 children towards the classroom, hilarious. The Intore troupe are half men and half women, the men ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi August 3rd 2010

We drove around 2 and a half hours to Gisenyi, a town on the north shore of Lake Kivu. When we arrived, we met some friends for lunch and then relaxed on the beach. Most lakes in Rwanda have the parasite shistosomiasis, but Kivu is rumored to have less due to the methane pockets and depth. Around five, we met up with some other friends and walked to the Goma border crossing with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Along the way, we saw old mansions from the 1920s and 30s when Gisenyi was a colonial resort town. On the way back, as a reward for our 20 minute walk, we stopped at a hotel bar to watch the sunset (this took an hour to wait for a single round). In the middle of the night, Jenn ... read more
Lake Kivu
Methane Rig

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi March 3rd 2010

I've now headed off to the other side of the country to Gisenyi on Lake Kivu, border of DRC. Was fortunate to have two empty buses getting here and so didn't feel bad about my bag taking up so much room, nor have to pay for 2seats. I was sat next to some guy who clearly wanted to practise his English but he did have some delicious swiss chocolate - give and take a little! We drove through hilly countryside passing through village after village, men women and children carrying on their heads (or pushing on bikes) wood, sacks of potatoes (probably equivalent to 30 sacks from sainsburys), plaintain, water, cabbages, bananas, tomatoes, laundry baskets full to overflowing, sports bags, suitcases you name it and mose women carrying a kid on their back too. Those not ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi October 18th 2009

Tanzania seems like a million years ago, I made friends with an immigration officer and a conservationist for the Jane Goodall Foundation (her park was right near by but with exorbitant entry fees) and stayed in a guest house populated mainly by congolese refugees. I ate at a restaurant decorated like "Mexico" for no apparent reason (they made no pretense to offering Mexican food). Having been kicked out of my guesthouse for staying past checkout time I lolled the afternoon away on the open "Mexican" patio. I had been told the previous day that a boat would leave at 18 hours and I was to report back at the dock at 16. Walking to the dock at 16:00 an elderly man greeted me, "Bonjour!" I stopped in my tracks, too confused (as usual) to think ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi June 17th 2009

Settled into my old room at Auberge la Caverne, sipping cappuccino at the Bourbon Coffee - Kigali, green and rolling, brushed by plump tufts of cumulus, receding like waves in the distance - I feel buoyed, at peace. New York is a memory, Vermont is a memory, the great emotional upheaval I’d dreaded these past few weeks little more than a slight murmur of unease. The apartment hunt is on, and the thought of making a home of this small, energetic city for the next few months is already growing on me. You feel something in Kigali these days. You see it in the blue-glass towers and the luxury sedans, the garish compounds with their reflective windows and Doric columns and million-dollar views. This is a city on the move, a proud showpiece for the Kagame ... read more
Ayuub, courtesy of Thierry Dushimimana.
Somewhere in Rwanda.
Somewhere else in Rwanda.

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