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July 10th 2017
Published: July 10th 2017
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July 10, 2017 - I woke up a little later today, at 7am. I had breakfast, checked the internet, and had a leisurely start to the day. I left for my hike around 9am. I chose this one based on the time - it was the next shortest, at 4hrs return. The sky was a little overcast when I left, and it made me wonder about rain.

Needless to say, the hike started out steeply uphill. It seems there is nowhere else much to go but up. Eventually it did lead me into a forest and that became somewhat flat for a bit, and when it ascended, it was not so steep. That said, the walk was quite difficult because everything in the forest was damp, so I was constantly slipping and sliding as I skittered my way over tree roots and rocks. When I got near the end, there were three women sitting there, having a rest. I chatted with them for a couple minutes, and then they started to leave. I decide not to continue the other few minutes worth of the hike, as I was not that impressed by the scenery. There were a couple of waterfalls, but they did not look that great with the clouds. The clouds were actually really low, so that I was basically standing in them. I had a pear for a snack and then started back.

It started to sprinkle down some rain as I headed back, but not too much. I was already well drenched in sweat and wondering how my clothes would ever dry. I passed the women on my way and never saw them again. I felt I was going much slower on the descent than I had on the ascent, but they were slower still. The whole hike, with rest, took four hours. Not too bad, but I just didn't enjoy this one as much.

Back in town, I bought a coconut dessert to bring to Karine's house tonight, some more water, and a sandwich. I was going to take another ham and cheese, but the woman suggested the Americana. I decided to go for it. What could be more American than an American eating an Americana sandwich? I brought it back to the guesthouse and started to eat it after hanging up my socks and pant legs to dry. Maybe dry. It had pork dumplings, mayo and French fries on top with cheese, and was toasted. Probably the least American sandwich ever, but still fun.

I sat outside to eat and use the computer, and there were workmen building what may an additional room or two nearby. I was eventually asked to go inside, so the owner could clean the floor outside. I hung up my still-wet clothes inside and showered. Later, I brought the shirt and shorts out to hang up, but no real luck drying them.

At 6pm, I was at the bus stop waiting for my new friends to pick me up, and another car stopped. A girl got out and she was one of the three women I had talked to on the trail. She asked if I needed a lift somewhere. First of all, I can't believe she recognized me just driving by, and second, it was so nice of them to offer me a ride. Amazing generosity.

A few minutes later Karine and Kitty came to pick me up and take me back for dinner. They had me chopping chouchou, a vegetable that grows all over the island here, smashing garlic, and watching their mom teach me how to make a Creole dinner. So cool. Their father made a spicy chili sauce as well. We ate and it was delicious. Really nice. They drove me home around 9pm, after we made plans for tomorrow to see the volcano. They're going to pick me up at 7am. It should be another great day. I feel really lucky to have met them.

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13th July 2017
View of Salazie Cirque when I started the hike

Nice hike

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