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Africa » Reunion » Cirque Du Cilaos July 14th 2017

July 14, 2017 - I woke up with a sore throat again. I guess the cold I had a couple days ago is still lingering. It made me feel quite tired, and I got up around 8am. Before that I could hear Delphine in the kitchen, but it sounded like she left just before I got up. I took it slow and left around 9:30am. I went to the bakery and got a chocolate bready thing for breakfast, and then walked over to the start of another hike. What else is there to do? This one took me to the Roche Merveilleuse, a lookout over the whole town. It took me about 40 minutes to get there, and the other people there seemed mostly to have driven, as there is also a parking lot there, and ... read more
Cilaos, from the viewpoint
A wall I passed today

Africa » Reunion » Cirque Du Cilaos July 12th 2017

July 12, 2017 - Today is my birthday, and I decided to try to sleep in and be lazy. I woke up at 4:45am when I heard Delphine, my host, go to the bathroom. I got up to do the same, and it seemed she was already up for the day. No way, Jose. I went back to sleep, but found myself checking my watch every half an hour or so. I stayed in bed until almost 8:30, then decided it was time to get up. I leisurely checked facebook and then Delphine offered me some tea and a chocolate bread thing she got me for breakfast. Very nice. I stayed in, hanging up my clothes to dry and playing with the internet, until 11am or so, and then walked around the town. It's not large, ... read more
The view from my bedroom

Africa » Reunion » Cirque Du Cilaos » Cilaos June 19th 2013

Woke up to a great morning, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my tummy is churning, not something I ate but from excitement, since I came across Reunion on the internet, I have always looked forward to finally getting to the hiking trails and discover it's natural beauty. People say it's like a small version of Hawaii, I have never been to Hawaii but from the pictures I saw, I can see why, the interior of Reunion is mainly lush vegetation clinging to volcanic jagged cliffs, it rains a lot here too and thus it's all green, vines of chouchou(chayote) grow wild all over the place, deep valleys, volcanoes, mild climate, this is indeed the French Hawaii. Reunion is a French department and thus part of the European Union, not Schengen compliant yet, ... read more
GR R1 road
Cirque de Cilaos
Cirque de Cilaos

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