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September 9th 2006
Published: September 15th 2006
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Known in the backpacker grapevine as “scam-land” and housing the world’s most corrupt government - Nigeria was not a country we looked forward to enter. But the bad reputation is undeserved. Never before had we met such openhearted hospitality throughout a whole country. And every day we were amazed by the country’s dramatic and beautiful nature. With huge rocks rising from the open sava... Read Full Entry

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Our kind friend Monday took us around the Kakara area showing us different Fulani villages and explaining the surrounding fauna.
Trustworthy transportTrustworthy transport
Trustworthy transport

What we travel in every day. Serti motor park.


Accordingly behaviour. Calabar.

The chimpanzee, Wukari, Taraba state.
Constructing a mosqueConstructing a mosque
Constructing a mosque

Central Maiduguri, in need of another mosque, it seems.
Tea pluckersTea pluckers
Tea pluckers

Highland tea plantation, Kakara, Taraba state.
Elephunky trunkElephunky trunk
Elephunky trunk

A nose in Maiduguri.

Our one-eyed friend Omar, giving us highly appreciated advises and helping us navigating the streets of Kano.

Opening up a small shop in Gembu a cold morning.
The foremanThe foreman
The foreman

A passionate plucker. For a kilo of fresh leaves one recieves 18 Naira, Highland tea plantation in Kakara.
You know the DrillYou know the Drill
You know the Drill

The drill monkey is the most endangered primate specie in Africa. It's thought that less than 5000 exist on the whole planet. The Drill Monkey Research Centre at Calabar, Cross River state.

Jackie with his mother Julie, that kindly took us in an fed us. Thanks you guys for all your hospitality. Gembu, Taraba state.

A helpful man in Sukur. Showing us the royal treasures, the holy shrines, the royal blacksmith and the talking drums.

A woman carrying tea. Highland tea plantation, Kakara, Taraba state.
Cold TurkeyCold Turkey
Cold Turkey

Pet, soon to be part of a meal. Highland tea plantation, Kakara, Taraba state.
Our Italian friendOur Italian friend
Our Italian friend

Mr manager as the others refered him as, teached us some Italian: -Testa di Cazzo. Something you don't call your friends. Yankari National Park.
Wikki warm springWikki warm spring
Wikki warm spring

It was just as pleasant as it seems.

The National Petroleum complex alit at night. One among many impressive skyscrapers in Abuja, the capital.

It's a bit rainy at Gembu at times, but still it's very beautiful.

Carrying firewood in Mitchika.

16th September 2006

One of the best travelblogs I've read in a long time, and I've been an avid travelblog reader for years. You're taking people to places that they would never be brave enough to go - including me.
19th September 2006

Splended and splended journey. Ithink you fixed your camera, the sharpnes and brightnes is bake,good. Be careful white your hairy friend it might be your oant Stina! Give Aili my warm wishers, iam locking forward fore next one. See and hears
20th September 2006

The best blog
Yours is my favorite Africa blog, but I have declined to comment until Nigeria because I don't agree with your views on countries. I have passed through many of the same places as you on my trip and not had the problems or criticisms that you had on them. But I agree with you 100% on Nigeria. I am in Calabar now, soon to join you in Cameroon. Did you stay at the ECWA guest house in Kano? The building site looks like the view from my room.
23rd November 2006

Thanks for sharing
15th January 2007

God you guys had a rollicking time in Nigeria no doubt.What an adventure
14th April 2007

I cant believe all the amazing moments you captured... great job and keep it up!
15th May 2009

for long i have been looking for this opportunity to show my gratitude on your intensive contribution toward this. am happy to see my kingdom and my people on page(sukur kingdom).i believe we remain welcoming.
12th May 2010
The great mosque at Abuja

Abuja mosqe is good
20th June 2010
The great mosque at Abuja

i love this mosque.
29th January 2011
Highland tea plantation

Fantastic, fabulous,you have exhibited The prosperity of your estate in you photo. My heartiest congradulations.
Dear Bobbie Nystrom, I admire your skill in photography, I think you have really enjoyed the "green bed",that is why the photo itself reveals your involvement. My best wishes in your future endeavours. Dr.T.Rajeshwar
17th March 2011

I realy enjoy this
My name is kingsley and am a citizen of gembu kambu is my native languge. I realy like this.
19th May 2011

wi wish ona day to see this place. when is their festival wel take place again pls give me the full date.
8th July 2011
The Sukur Kingdom

why nigeria are neglecting this area but developing the heritage site that is in the south, now thyis site is more that 10 years after listing in the unesco why
18th July 2011
The Sukur Kingdom

request of assistance
please i need your financial assistance for enable me complete my HND programme here in Nigeria. my place of living is Sukur Rugudum.
2nd January 2013
The Sukur Kingdom

Blessed land
Not al kindom dt cn acormodate a whithe man or woman and 4rm d view of d site d land is blessed.
25th May 2013
The Sukur Kingdom

TO my view is that the UNESCO as a body hv contributed thier quater in diverse means but we as a member should not relent to query those that manage the resources meant for the site if not we wil continou to wallow in lacuna even in this present democracy dispensation. TOMA ( B.sc sociology)
27th October 2013
Highland tea plantation

where can i purchase highland leaf tea not tea bag i have searched Owerri Kaduna and Abuja
10th March 2014
The Sukur Kingdom

Up sukurkingdom
I was born in sukurkingdom 15 nov,1994. so i appriciated how i see my area keep in progress.apart from that is in my state,country, goodluck in ever momment.

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