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October 21st 2005
Published: October 21st 2005
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that when farida tells me tuesday was 120 degrees and wednesday was 115 i am incredulous cause i thought it wasn't that bad.


21st October 2005

ice cubes
lily, reading this is so eye opening. maybe you got my mail? Say hello to Yussef..<3gabbi
22nd October 2005

California culture?
So, since you're having your Niger experience, i thought you should see california reality: Today i saw, on the road, the "Mobile Petting Zoo" and the other day, a truck advertising "Residential Vineyard Consultants". All near Burlingame, Ca., where I am now living. Temporarily. You go girl. Wishing you happiness and sending you my love, Lily-la; Tamma-fa.

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