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June 3rd 2006
Published: June 3rd 2006
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not really. . . i had all these grand plans for writing a whole bunch, updating all the missing adventures, but here i've been back for a while now and just now getting onto this journal. there's just so much too do! visit with yussef's family, remodel his room, get ready for the rainy season, buy presents. i will also blame a large part of my lazyness on the heat, it's soooo hot(whiny voice) it rained teasingly little yesterday evening, just ten minutes, but enough time for the kids to run around naked and "wash" giggling. so i'm living at yussef's house, we sleep outside and wake up very early every day whether we want to or not cause the whole household comes to sit right on the other side of our outside grass wall to talk and do laundry and embroider and yell at the kids. i've had a change in plans; instead of staying til august, yus and i decided it would be better logistically if i went back on my original ticket date, june 12th, to work and get ready for school and go to a family reunion and such things. he will get focused with managing his taxi and he wants to take up tailoring again and do english classes, busybusy. but i'll come back in december and so will my family! another african christmas and it looks like new years too this time. . .

i'm a little scatter brained right now...

it's the heat

and the impending doom of leaving.

for the first time since i've been in niger, my tummy is not good. it rumbles and produces weird things and nothing sounds good for me to eat. even my favorite meal kopto with manioc flour and green leaves and onions and tomatoes is not appealing. everyone says i'm getting thinner and yussef's sister teased me saying it's because i don't want to be big when i get home. maybe it's because the water is different at his house, i don't know.

life is very relaxed now, just visit time, watching kids as usual

but i'm actually gonna pause and commit to a later date, hopefully, because i'm talking to my dad on skype


4th June 2006

In awe
Hi Lil, I'm so in awe of the people I know these days, you being one of them. I just watched my brother graduate from highschool yesterday, and he stood up and addressed the whole crowd with some of the most funny, meaningful, real words I'd ever heard him say. He doesn't really ever talk much, but he had two hundred people laughing and crying at the same time, and I just got present to how little I really know about the people I "know". Lil, I can't even imagine what it's been like for you to live there, away from anything that you "knew" before. I can't imagine doing something like that and I guess it's because I don't know what THAT is. I tell people I sailed across the atlantic on a big wooden schooner, and they get all impressed, but it's really not that diffrerent than any other experience in life. You just do the next thing, what ever there is to do, and that takes you to the next thing, and so on. I'm headed to ecuador with my boyfriend to spend a week in the Andes, and a week in the Amazon jungle, and it feels so unknown. But I guess I just keep doing the next thing and then I get there. I can't wait to show you the article I'm having published in a little magazine here on Martha's Vineyard. It's mostly just my journal entries from the Atlantic crossing last summer, but they did a really lovely job with the graphics for the story. I'm crossing my fingers that it will work for us to meet up out west sometime this fall or winter as I will be in Northern AZ from the end of september through march. Enjoy your last days in your new home away from home. I have so enjoyed reading the stories of your adventures. thanks, Lily. Let me know if you might head east for the OC reunion on Nantucket this summer.... love you, Lily
6th June 2006

can't wait to see you when you get back oh yeah i got married
10th June 2006

You amaze me!
Lilly! I know it's been a while, but I really do love getting your mass emails. I've been so bad, I haven't sent out any for months! Oh, but I ran into Vanessa in Barcelona! I was just walking down a street and then saw her brother and then her. It was really awesome. My parents are here now and I'm going to go to Paris and Ireland with them and then hang out w/ fam on the east coast before heading home. But I'll be in the bozone July and August if you're gonna' be around. I'd really love to see you and maybe we could have another crazy time at the Bite of Bozeman. Or is it the taste? I don't know anymore. Did I tell you I also ran into Nick Vandenvos in Florence? We'll all have to get together soon I hope. Well, safe travels and I'll see you state-side. Love, Jessie Rose

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