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February 27th 2006
Published: February 27th 2006
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Now is the time when you hug the walls for the littlest bit of shadow. Even at noon when there are slivers of shadow, your flip-flopped toes are happy for the little bit of relief. Just walking to the internet café and talking to a friend for 15 minutes toasted my shoulders to a nice red. We cross the street to be out of the sun just a little bit. We give up talking not only because it’s hot but to profit in the shade which won’t hold more than one body in the middle of the day. I drink cold water too fast, it freezes the jaw and is gone too fast. Bagged water is easy to drink quickly, sucking and squeezing at the same time. At night when I wake up because the fan is too loud and is failing to circulate air I stumble to the freezer for water then into the shower for a couple seconds. I don’t dry off, just put back on my t-shirt and shorts and dry off in the now comforting fan breeze.


27th February 2006

Hi LIL, I used to take the same measures as you to escape the heat, no matter how transitory the relief. Cheers, Tim
28th February 2006

And it is 25 below here--or was
Actually, it's warmish today--all of 40 degrees which would be enough to make you shiver. Snow is expected. Girls are collecting signatures for a read=athon. They loved your letter, they miss you, we love you...

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