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February 16th 2006
Published: February 20th 2006
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i bought a new bed
30 centimeters of pure latex
for 40,000 cfa which at first sounded like a great deal to me, but then reflecting back in dollars, that's 80 bucks, and there ain't no pillow top on this thing. . . but oddly enough it is riddled with sailing images, a couple of tall ships some compass roses and a married couple floating indescribably amongst it all, and all in hunter orange and aqua marine
it came from katako market on the head of a guy who walked it too my place.
i don't know how to describe how far away it is, over the bridge, past the stadium taking a left at round point ENA and down the street to my place, it's not incredibly long but it's a ways
his final offer was 750 francs(remembering that 500 is about a dollar)
but i have a new bed, better that the deteriorating and so dirty mattresses that every time i moved them on the floor, they had to be on the floor to have at least a little bit of support, they belched out sand.


20th February 2006

What does a mattress mean?
How very strange that in reading this particular entry about beds, in Africa, I look to the top of the screen and see that 100% of advertisements are for mattresses. Someone else is reading this over our shoulders, but they obviously don't understand. I don't want a bed, Lily does. And she bought one already. In Niger. And someone carried it to her home. And it has SAILBOATS on it. I guess it was a good try.
21st February 2006

dor bien!
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your blog! Keep it up! The mental picture of a guy carrying a mattress on his head is too perfect. Wow.

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