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August 20th 2012
Published: August 20th 2012
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Well how do I describe our holiday to Namibia, two years ago when we went to South Africa I stated it was the best holiday ever, but this has been more than a holiday it has been an adventure, better than anything we have experienced in our lives.

Before I came here, when people asked where we were going on holiday and I said Namibia, we got two reactions, one was ‘where’s that?’ the other was ‘oh fantastic!’ I was also often asked why, and I found this quite difficult to explain as I don’t think I really understood why; I had seen the country on television programmes like Long Way Down and Ray Mears. But me being me I think it was because at that time I did not know of anyone who had been.

Could I explain now? You know I am not sure I could: Namibia leaves you breathless and lost for words. In a country three times the size of Germany but with only two million people you don’t expect it to be crowded but the space is so vast. When we visited the Messum Crater we were (probably) the only people there and the nearest place where we were sure of finding anyone was Cape Cross where there is a hotel and this was about 90km away (55 miles). Now I cannot think of anywhere in the UK where you could be 55 miles away from anyone. You have to be self reliant here and have confidence in yourself not to get in to problems in the first place.

What would be the best part of our holiday? There are too many just to pick one. Kayaking with the seals, dolphins and whales was a once in a lifetime experience. But seeing the Skelton Coast complete with its shipwrecks, the image of driving 150km across the Namib desert, the oldest desert in the world, and seeing the dust trails of the other vehicles drifting off shimmering in the sunlight was an incredible sight. But so were the dunes and dead vlei at Sossusvlei. And horse riding under the southern stars as well as seeing the sun rise and set across the vast veld. Finding the rock paintings in the messum crater where we had to search for them with only a google earth image and a verbal description to help us gave us a wonderful sense of achievement. In fact there is not a day on this adventure that does not stand out, but I think that I will take with me is the vastness of space here that leaves you feeling very humble.

Should you come, this is Africa in the raw a sort of more hardcore Africa than South Africa if fact this is where South Africans come to experience Africa, but with civilised and top class accommodation. But you need to accept that we are in the wildlife’s house for most of the time and don’t be surprised if you find a lizard or evidence of mice in your outdoor bathroom so be prepared.

Our essential advice would be to get a 4x4: you can get around in a normal car but you will not be able to go to the places we have or get anywhere very quickly off the very few tarmac roads. Oh and bring a tyre pressure gauge: we ended up buying one so we could drop the pressure when we got off the tarmac, and again when we got to the sand

We will be back here there is so much more that we want to see and do. I was asked by an American guest when we were horse riding if we have the African Virus and you know I think we do: three African adventures in the last three years and another one being planned for the next couple I think we are definitely infected.

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