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February 11th 2011
Published: February 11th 2011
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We left Etosha. I was sad to leave the beautiful watering hole where I found nothing but peace and quiet. I didn’t get to see my rhinos yet, but I hear I will have plenty of opportunities the 2nd ½ of my trip.

We arrived in Windhoek to find that there is absolutely nothing to do in this town besides go to the mall. It is the capital of Namibia, yet everything closes around 1pm – exactly the time we arrived. There is an international airport – that is why this trip can start or end at this point.

My crazy roommate is definitely out there. She is one of the most colorful people I have ever met. She wants nothing but happiness for every soul in the entire world. Part of me is super happy that I met her. I have never in my whole life met someone who lives in such a small bubble. She sees rainbows every minute of every day. She has been traveling her whole life (started at age 15). She was born in China – a small town. She moved to Hong Kong when she was 5. She started learning to sew at age 10. By 13 she was making uniforms and such for companies. She saved all her money and started to travel at 15. About 20 years ago is when she relocated to Calgary. She is a tailor. She owns her own shop – only she works there. She tells me every day she works for CEOs, lawyers, doctors when she fixes their clothes; yet she is her own boss. Every night before bed she would tell me how she told some stuck up person what to do with their attitude and how she is a good businesswoman. It was interesting. Picture the small Asian lady you once dropped off your clothes to have dry cleaned. Now picture that lady with a bright orange and pink straw hat, a tied dye moo-moo and sneakers that are too big for her feet. That is Ann. She spends every other hour snacking on something. Besides breakfast, she never has a proper meal. She always looks for her noodles and only drinks hot water. Locke and I believe she spikes herself something in her tea. We think she may be on a permanent ‘trip’.

Ann said to me I will have babies soon. She said I will also marry. She said that I am a smart girl and that all I need is love. Love will make me happy and the happiness will make me rich.

Ann doesn’t have email or even a computer. She said I should come to Calgary and just ask for her. They will send me into the right direction. You never know – perhaps one day I will make a trip there and ask for the crazy Asian tailor who wears a $2 straw hat (which she made me guess how much she paid for it).

Goodbye sunshine, you drove me crazy sometimes, but always did it with a smile on your face.

Off to Botswana.


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