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November 26th 2006
Published: December 4th 2006
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"Gorie more" (good morning) All.

I arrived after 39.5 hrs, but it took my bags an extra 20hrs. By than I had been already been " adopted" by Hester, an Afrikaan (western african) and her family and friends. I met her at the in Johnasburg airport, and next morning I'm being picked up for shopping city tour and lunch at her home. I am not joking: she does talk more than I do, and I feel right at home. People here are very friendly.

Lunch started with a entire raw, skinned lamb presented for chopping by this electric machine. Namibians are huge meat eaters, to my surprise, and like to hunt too. I let than know, gently, that I hardly eat any type of meat/flash at all. "How come????" was the question, over and over again. Vegetarians aren't commom around here.
Well, I ate a traditional "poiky", a stew cooked in an iron pot which goes inside the wood burning burbecue.

Facts learned about Namibia so far: It's the # 1 country in case of AIDS in the world but malaria is the # 1 killer in the country. Both diseases related to poverty and more prevalent in the arid north. Yeap! That's where I am heading to tororrow.

Chameleon backpacker is actually a very nice lodge. Despite the flags on the ceilings, no South, North or Central Americans around. Tourists are mainly German, British, and some Scandinavians. I met a Swedish guy doing a thesis in geography who has been to Maceio. Yeap, my home town!

Safari is starting in a couple of hours and I've gotten 5 hours of sleep the past 2.5 days. However, I'm super ready for the adventure.

"Crazy Dog and Wild Kudu" is my safari company name. Sounds kind of ruff, cheap, backpackers's like? Well, that's because it is all that but I'm very positive it will be great.

No way to download pictures yet, but I promise it will be sent soon.

"Totsiens", bye in Afrikaans (mix of German, Dutch, and ...)


17th December 2006

Viagem Fantástica
Filha, fiquei impressionado com tantas fotos interessantes, cada lugar extraordinário que você passou. Estou muito feliz por você. Pai amigo
17th December 2006

Oi Pai
Que bom que compartilhou comigo suas impressoes sobre minhas andancas por ai. Desculpa nao ter tido tempo de escrever em portugues tb, mas o acesso a internet foi muito limitado. Beijos da filha Patricia

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