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September 6th 2009
Published: September 6th 2009
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August 30-Sept 5

Had a great day today, met two guys from South Africa last night who were staying in our backpackers, Adam joined them for a whiskey and we got chatting. They were really good guys who kindly invited us to join them today to go dune boarding and quad biking in Nambi desert.

The dunes were amazing, I have never seen such a big desert and we only saw 1 tiny section, the dunes carried on as far as the eye could see. Then on the other side there was the ocean. The drive there was surreal with huge dunes on side and the ocean on the other.

First we waxed our board to help give us more speed (I was not sure I needed to go any faster), we had our quick lesson from Yan, then away we went. The walk to the top was hard work but the ride down was worth it.

Being in the middle of the dunes was beautiful, sitting there with no-one else in sight, with an amazing view, not a sound to be heard (apart from Adam screaming like a girl as he went down the dune) what else can I say look at the pictures

Next was quad biking in the dunes. I was a little nervous, complete opposite to the testosterone filled boys behind me. After trying it by myself for a little while I then hopped on the back with the instructor so we could do some more exciting riding. It was awesome! I could look behind and see the boys all trying to go that little bit faster or higher, luckily everyone finished in one piece!

Then to end the day, we had a drink and some food in Walvis Bay in a raft on stilts in the Ocean, so it was Jeagermister watching the sunset. What a great day, beautiful place to be, fun activities and great company!

The car should arrive tommorrow, fingers crossed! If not it will be Monday.

The car is here, but it cannot dock until Sunday so we pick the car up on Monday. Staying in Walvis Bay for the next few nights while we wait.

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7th September 2009

Hi guys, Dune boarding looks like fun, and I really can imagine Ads screaming like a girl all the way down. Have you picked up the landy ok? Are you going to do anything special for your anniversary?
8th September 2009

Hey guys, so glad your landy arrived! Looks great, I'm very jelous. Enjoy your trip! It was awesome meeting you two. Me and Daan had a great time in your company!!! Keep well and thanks for the photos!! I see my photo which I took of Louise made the cut on the blog...cool! Adam, make sure to get as much meat as you can!! Cheers, Jan
10th September 2009

girlie squeeling
Hi guys I can just imagine Ads doing that! I cant communicate much at moment cos i have internet probs, so will check-in more next week, but just glad you are both okay and having fun. Big Kisses Em
11th September 2009

Hi you two! Looks like your having a fab time already! Work and the UK left far behind now I'm sure! Lou I'm impressed with you keeping up with the boys, the duning looks ace - wait until I show Steve tomorrow - he'll be on a plane! Oh oops no he won't cos he's just ordered his new jet ski! That should keep him entertained for at least another month. He is reserving a parking place on the water for you Adam! LOL Have you slept on the landi yet? I will be watching! Watch out for those tigers when you need to pea in the middle of the night! Lots of love Mel xx
14th September 2009

Living the dream
Hi Louise and Adam, sounds like you got off to a good start as long as the Landy arrives! back home we are all eagerly waiting for the next episode, dont forget you are experiencing it for all of us, have fun love Wendy
16th September 2009

hello Jan Sorry we missed you for drinks on friday, got caught up in walvis bay If we are in your area will have to meet up for a few beers, will mail you a few more pic of the dunes cheers Louise and Adam
16th November 2009

oh my god that looks so cool, so jelous, the lsat time i did that was on a surf board in the snow in the local park and it went at snails pace

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