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Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei August 6th 2012

Our fifth day in Namibia and our longest journey so far: 387km and about 6 hours on the road. We have travelled from the plains in the central highlands through to the desert and coast at Swakopmund. But before details a quick comment on yesterday: after we had posted the blog and we were on our way back to our hut we were dazzled by the stars; with no light pollution here the sky is amazing. Not long after we set off back into the Naukluft Mountains and the Naukluft National Park, which was set up as a conservation area for the mountain zebra, and not long after we had crossed the cattle grid which marks the entrance, said zebra put in an appearance when a large group decided to make a bolt for the other ... read more
Desert signage
Kuiseb River
View from Kuiseb Pass only 150km to go

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei August 5th 2012

This morning we were awoken by birdsong long before the alarm time. We had a busy day planned so we were off to breakfast early and then we were on the road to Sossusvlei. One thing that we underestimated today is the space between places. This country is vast: we had booked into a local lodge but it is 45 minutes from the gate. Before we entered we made a quick stop at the petrol station to lower the tyre pressures for the planned drive on sand. Permit obtained and paperwork completed (in Namibia you have to have a piece of paper for everything), we entered the park to be greeted with a tarmac road for the first 55km. As soon as you get into the park the road is bordered by this most magnificent dunes, ... read more
Halfway up dune 40
Dead Vlie

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei August 4th 2012

We left Corona this morning after sitting on the terrace and having a wonderful breakfast, and perhaps more importantly use of a tyre pressure gauge to drop the pressures in all of the tyres. This has transformed the handing on the gravel and made it a lot more pleasant to drive and stopped it wanting to swap ends on the bumps. On our journey yesterday we saw perhaps 5 cars once we had left Windhoek, but today we got on to the main tourists route between Sossusvlei and Swakopmund and there was a lot more traffic but when compared to home it is still very quite. We had to go through the Gaub Pass which was a lot easier to negotiate than the Gamsberg Pass. We just had to stop with most of the other tourists ... read more
Who's watching who
If you breakdown in Solitaire you stay there!

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei July 21st 2012

On arrival back in Windhoek from Swakopmund, I picked up the hatchback Kia, we were planning on taking down to Sossuvlei. That night at the hostel I was staying at, I met Kiger, the American girl I had arranged to go down with. The next morning, just before we were going to pick up Andrew, another American, we had a big problem with the car, in that wouldn't start. This was a bit of a disaster, because we only had one night down there and in order for it to be worthwhile, we needed to get going early. We walked back to the rental agency, who gave as a replacement, after we had to wait for the guy to get out of bed and come in. We did end up getting an upgrade and an automatic, ... read more
Dune at Sossuvlei
Sunset near Dune 45

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei May 28th 2012

May 28, 29, 30 – Bagatelle Lodge, Keetmanshoop, road to Sossusvlei We travelled south from Na’ankuse, watching the Kalahari sands gradually take control of the environment. The last 50 km to our night at Bagatelle Lodge near the town of Mariental were crossing dunes that were running north south as far as could be seen. The dune is red sand about 100 metres high and each dune is spaced 500 metres apart. So it was a roller coaster drive across them. In the evening we transferred to Toyota 4x4 for a couple of hours of dune buggy excitement. Several spots offered Oryx, springbok and kudu viewing and concluded with dune top “sundowner” for beer, pop and chips and glorious sunset for the photographers. Next day we continued south to the quiver tree forest near Keetmanshoop where ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei April 21st 2012

It is very easy to see why this place is the number one attraction in the country as it was simply magnificent. With all the people we talked to after visiting this place we all agreed that it is very difficult to actually take a bad photo. But one tip, if you decide to camp make sure that you get a place where you can hit your tent pegs in as when we came back from Sossusvlei your tent will be gone like our was. Well all campers had a great laugh about our flying tent in the dunes … it was the main topic for the day :) In fact the weather changes a lot in the day time. It is really windy and you’ll have sand everywhere, and it is unbelievable hot. But the ... read more
Death Valley
Heading home after Sossusvlei
Seems like another planet

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei August 15th 2011

M – If there is one image that dominates tourism images for Namibia is the Red Dunes at Sossusvlei. There are actually huge sand dunes that stretch up most of the coastline of Namibia but only at Sossusvlei are the sands bright red. It is believed that these sands were deposited here 5 million years ago having been washed down to the sea in the Orange River from the Kalahari. The highest dunes are some 200m high. Guess what, too get the best view you need to climb them! Climbing in sand is exactly what you would think it would be – hard work! Nevertheless we both climbed to the top of Dune45. Dune 45 is gets its name because it is 45km inside the park. The park stretches a further 100+km to the coast. The ... read more
Taking a Break At The Top of Dune 45
The Sand From One Trip Up And Down Dune 45 - They Were So Full My Feet Were Being Crushed Inside
Nearly At The Top - Dune 45

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei June 26th 2011

You walk into the heart of the African desert surrounded by sand dunes scattering the landscape. The environment is freezing cold and you dehydrate quickly. As the winds pick up you are temporarily blinded by the sand blasting into your face. Your vision clears for a moment as you find yourself gazing up at one of the most spectacular sights in the African Namibian Desert - Dune 45. After waking up at 4am and driving for 3 hours along the trans-Kalahari highway you finally arrive at the Namib Naukluft National Park, home to Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Dune45, and 50,000 Sq. Km of pristine desert begging to be explored. As you hike into the Namibian desert, you walk past blinding white salt pans, apricot colored sand dunes, turquoise desert lakes and the occasional desert scorpion. You stop for ... read more
Evonne, Darren, Priya
Priya Hiking A Dune
Chilling Out At The Top

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei May 10th 2011

A selection of panoramic photographs, various locations. Photographs on the official Michel Piccaya website: read more

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei April 4th 2011

Ein paar Photos aus der Wüste:... read more
In der Wüste 2
Auf der Düne
Wasser im Sossusvlei

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