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Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei December 13th 2016

Some pics from the final days. So many thoughts, so much to write! We are sitting in the departure lounge at Mauritius waiting for our flight to Madagascar, with unbelievable internet! We said goodbye to Patti and Doug last night as they head home. I think it is hard for all of us to believe that portion of the trip is over. But it was amazing, finishing with the last 5 days in Kruger National Park. Those pics will be for later. After camping at Hoada, we moved south to another nice campsite, that would be wonderful if they were able to get some rain! The owner is a young South African woman run with the help of her mother and sister in law. We toured the rock paintings, which are now a UNESCO site and ... read more
They are such a beautiful animal!
Love birds at Erongo
Baby rock hyrax

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei August 13th 2016

How can we describe day 10, a six and and half hour African massage, if you don't know what that is read on, if you do you can stop now, or you can read on and enjoy the other parts. No early planned start today we were up and about well before the 'just in case' alarm, however some time was wasted trying to post blogs: you have to accept in Africa that WiFi is not what we In the developed world now accept as a minimum standard. As a result we will be posting this after it is written, but we will not revisit and alter what we write, it will be be first hand and raw and not changed by reflection. We always knew today would be a long day on the road, the ... read more
On the road
On the road again
Oryx crossing

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei August 13th 2016

An early start to today as we wanted to get to Sossusvlie before the day got too hot. Although we have been there before we wanted to do a return visit where we had more time as previously we had to rush as we had another excursion booked. We were out of the car park here at 7:00am and spent another 40 minutes getting an African massage, although it is only the last 5km that is really rough. We were treated to some wonderful vistas on the journey as the mist that forms overnight above the desert was still hanging in the shadows of the mountains. On the way we saw a crashed Land Rover that had had an accident on one of the bends. The gravel roads can be treacherous if you do not treat ... read more
Steppe buzzard (we think)
At Dead Vlie
Dead Vlie

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei January 4th 2016

The first stop on our self drive adventure is Kulala Desert Lodge in Sossusvlei (vlei means pan or dry river bed). The Lodge is situated near the highest sand dunes in the world that look like a mountain range from a distance. The changing sun also creates a different colour gradations but their primary colour is red. Nestled among the dunes are a number of dried up river beds, the largest being Sossusvlei which contains a collection of dead trees that are still standing. Of course the lack of moisture prevents them from rotting so they are left black and lifeless. There are 3 main dunes in which you can climb, Dune 45, Big Daddy Dune and Big Momma Dune. Big Daddy is the tallest at 300 m and of course it's the one we choose ... read more
Going my way?
Sesriem Canyon
Namib Desert

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei December 5th 2015

Wyjechaliśmy z Sesriem o 8.30 i cięliśmy prosto na lotnisko. Nasza trasa prowadziła przez mini miejscowości o trudnych do wymówienia nazwach, ktore cudem jakimś w ogóle znalazły sie na mapie. Moja ulubiona to Büllsport. Chcieliśmy sie po drodze zatrzymać w opisanej w przewodniku knajpie pani Connie, ale nic nie wskazywało na to, aby ostatnio w ogóle obsługiwała jakiś gości. Znów wzięliśmy autostopowiczów. Później szukaliśmy restauracji w mieście Rehoboth. Też nieczynna. Widzieliśmy za to panie sprzedające na skrzyżowaniu warzywa. Każda oprócz kawałków dyni i innych bulwiastych, miała jeszcze w skrzynce małe dziecko. Rehoboth to miasto bastersów. Czytałam o bastersach, traktowanych teraz jak osobna grupa etniczna i jakos nie mogłam uwierzyć, ze mogą tworzyć oddzielna społeczność. A jednak. Potomkowie Murzynów i Białych byli przez obydwie grup... read more

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei December 4th 2015

Pobudka o 4, wyjazd 4.30. Tym razem nowym typem safari-wozu, przypominającym afrykańska wersję papa-mobile. Nasz lodge jako jedyny leży wewnątrz parku narodowego Namib-Naukluft, więc można w godzinną drogę w kierunku wydm wyruszyć jeszcze po ciemku, zanim o świcie otworzą bramy. Wszyscy poza parkiem muszą czekać do wschodu słońca na wjazd i jak dostaną się na miejsce jest już po fotograficznym słońcu, a piasek robi się coraz bardziej gorący i miękki, przez co - siłą rzeczy - trudniej się gdziekolwiek wspiąć. My docieramy na miejsce jako pierwsi z serii kilkunastu samochodów wypełnionych turystami, którzy tego dnia przyjadą oglądać wydmy Sossusvlei. Część z nich zakopie się jeszcze przejeżdżając przez ostatni 5 km odcinek trasy, gdzie szuter zmienia się w piach i wciąga mniej wprawnych kierowców. Musimy się wspiąć na wydmę Big Daddy, że... read more

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei November 4th 2015

Next stop was one for a sunrise in the Namib Naukluft National Park. The area is called Sossusvlei and is full of gorgeous sand dunes with a reddish hue. The people at reception said we couldn’t make the 60km journey to the end where the best views are because the gate opened up at 5:15am and the sunrise was one hour later. We decided to wake up a bit early and wait in line. We were at the gate by 4:50 and low and behold it was open with no one in sight! Away we went. Made it all the way to the last 2km where you cannot pass without a 4x4. There are tractors with enough space for 20 on the trailer in which you pay extra money to get a ride there and back. ... read more
crossing the tropic of capricorn!
whatchu lookin at
huge town

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei September 25th 2015

25.09. Little Sossusvlei Dieser Tag war sehr anstrengend. Abfahrt um 7.30 bei 12°C, also wieder alles Mögliche anziehen und Reißverschlüsse zu. Die Küste entlang nach Walfischbay war es also kalt, aber dafür Teerstraße. In W bogen wir nach Osten ab, es ging aufwärts, der atlantische Kühlschrank wirkte nicht mehr, und innerhalb von 30 Minuten hatten wir 30°C. Steigerte sich dann bis auf 37°C später.... Der erste Halt war also beim Ende der Salzstraße, Ausziehen und Reduzierung des Reifendrucks. Wasser trinken. Dann kam der Wendekreis des Steinbocks, der südliche Wendekreis, wir haben damit die Tropen verlassen, aber die Wüste ist immer noch heiß. Ein kleiner Pass mit wilden Felsen. Und halt die Wüstenpiste - 300 km davon. Sie ist genauso hinterhältig, wie ihre Schwestern von den Vortagen, ändert sich völlig unerwartet und kann ganz schön mühsam sein. ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei July 17th 2015

Day 1 - Touching down in Luderitz 10th March 2015 After months of meticulous planning, days of travelling and an uncomfortable coach ride, I finally picked up my rented Land Rover and headed off in search of my first adventure. Because I had decided to camp for the majority of my trip, I had to pack light and I kept running an incessant checklist through my head of any essentials I might have forgotten. I was spending my first night at the Shark Island campsite in Luderitz, which is perched high up on a rocky peninsula, so the views are amazing. Once I’d pitched up my tent I took a quick drive through Kolmanskop Ghost Town and along the nearby coast, which is awash with flamingoes enjoying the deserted beaches. I arrived back at the campsite ... read more
Land Rover

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei April 1st 2015

Namib-Naukluft National Park 49,768 square km is bigger than Switzerland Sossusvlei Dunes 1 well rested beach-strolling day later we are once again en route. Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn 23* south of the equator, entering the area know as Moon Scape, leaving behind the bustling vibrant market, smiling persuasive vendors and stately colonial buildings of bygone German Swakopmund, each mile adds what feels like another several degrees to the temperature. We have met Boseman, theoretically know how to spot and catch lizards, tomorrow in the dunes we will practice our Bushman skills. Tonight we camp in the Namib-Naukluft National Park which is bigger than Switzerland! It is in this area that evidence of Gondwanaland (ancient sub continent) and of the subsequent separation of Australia and South America can be found. We are about an hour away ... read more
Breakfast at base of Dune 45
Franzie in 'The Dress'

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