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February 13th 2013
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Hello again, everyone,

Again I apologize for so long in between. It is now Feb. 12, and we still have no wireless. Again, I am going to use the netman to post this. I posted one on Feb. 6th, but Robin said nothing came up. I tried checking and it looked like it was there.

Anyway, today feels like a holiday because this morning all the teachers had to turn in their “files.” This is one of the more bizarre things I have ever seen. All teachers have to keep three files: an administrative file (all the stuff you are given about anything the principal or the circuit inspector or the regional director or the ministry want to give us; a preparation file, basically lesson plans, but they have to include the national syllabus, a school plan, a year plan, and then a “scheme of work” which is tedious lesson plans for the year; and a third one which is a resource file. They have to be beautifully decorated, and higher-ups always want to see them. I think of my file cabinet at Bartlett where all that stuff was tossed in and nobody ever wanted to see it. It was such a colossal waste of time. And I am sure the teaching today was not the best, because everyone was exhausted. And just before we were turning in our “Preparation File,”

I broke the rings and they wouldn’t close. So I had visions of having to decorate a new looseleaf notebook with wrapping and putting tons of papers in in just the right order. But the design and technology (sort of engineering) fixed it for me before my co-teacher saw it! She was so tired and burnt out, it would have been awful.

Okay, fun stuff! A bit ago, Rachel and I and my hero of the notebook, his wife, and two cute cute little kids went to Divava Lodge to go swimming. We first went to a lodge called Rainbow, but they would not let us swim because we weren’t staying there. The man at Divava was so nice and welcoming and said “By all means, use our pool!” When we went to get in there was a snake in the pool. It was floating around, curled up with its head on the curls. It looked like it was just basking there, but I don’t think it could get out on its own. The pool guys got it out, then they went to look it up and brought a book to show us it was harmless. It was white with brown spots on top, and a basically white tummy. I did, however, check all the trees! After we swam for a while we had lunch there, too. I love that place. We are going to try to go on a boat down the river from there. They do tours to see hippos and crocodiles.

This past weekend we went to Rundu. We had reserved a place on a combi, so it only took 2 1/2 hours (200 km). We went to the bank to pick up our debit cards and were early enough not to stand in line too long. Then we had breakfast in this cute cafe we found last time. So I had a lovely English breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and even marmalade, and two large coffees, then a coffee milkshake for dessert!! My thrill of of the week!

And last of all, we got rain today--two major downpours. I hope things will cool off now. It has been very, very hot. We walked to the little grocery store and back with groceries

yesterday and I felt almost sick when we got back. I slathered sunblock on, but my arm felt like it was burning! Today Lucia said to me that winter doesn’t agree with her. She doesn’t like it. I am thinking the summer is about !00 degrees and winter probably 80 degrees, so how can she tell the difference?

Today between rains I was standing on our balcony and a bunch of cows in twos or threes were sneaking behind our fence going somewhere. I saw one of the guys from the homestead behind us circle around to cut them off, and they all came running back, galloping! I haven’t seen cows galloping before. There are lots of cattle, goats, and donkeys, basically roaming free. I’m always surprised how small the goats are, and I love the donkeys. Apparently I have to go to a game park to see wild animals, but there are three or four game parks quite close. Botswana is only about 20 km. away, and on our way home from Rundu, we stopped at a homestead quite a way down a tiny road on the Kavango River (not Okavango as I said last time), and across the river saw Angola.

I hope to get this posted today or tomorrow. I miss everyone, but am having enough up times to counteract any low times. And I’m feeling more at home. Love to all,


13th February 2013

"It was white with brown spots on top, and a basically white tummy. I did, however, check all the trees!" The logic of this is that you looked into the trees lest any (more) snakes come dropping down on you in the pool? You are having an adventure!!
13th February 2013

Sounds beautiful there!
I am delighted to read descriptions of your surroundings and comings and goings! Best wishes with the hot weather -- thank goodness there is rain once in a while. Eventually, there will be internet and it will be easier for you to communicate with us; meanwhile, any way you can let us know how you are doing is a good way!!! K
23rd February 2013

Hi Wendy!!!
I have not looked at your blog since your very first posting, and it is so wonderful to know that you are doing well! I love reading about the details of your life there; it makes it 'real' for us back here shoveling snow. I'm so glad the students are so fun, eager to learn, and welcoming. Til next time!
12th March 2013

Cows & Moose
You saw your first galloping cows and I saw my first galloping moose. He galloped along a fence next to my parked car that I was in -- kinda scary! So glad I found all your blogs. They paint such a real picture of a place I've never been except through the words of Wendy the Beautiful. I'm going to read them all again. Looking forward to hearing about wild animals when you go to Wild Game Park.

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