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Africa » Namibia » Ruacana April 9th 2012

At times you just get plain lucky when hitchhiking throughout Africa and this story (and how we came about to getting these photos) to date may top it all. As we have been in northern Namibia we have heard about the Himba people (an ethnic group numbering not more than 50,000 people) from this region and southern Angola and we thought we must try and meet these colorful people. The only problem was that we were in Ruacana which is very difficult to go from plus the ‘tourist Himba’ whom we thought we could only visit is in a town called Opuwo, 150 km south. Standing for around an hour on one of Ruacana’s gravel roads the first car that rolls past pulls over and asks where we were going. ‘South, trying to see some Himba’ ... read more
Chief keeping a eye
Lunch time
Hard work

Africa » Namibia » Ruacana April 6th 2012

The dramatic 85 meters high Ruacana Falls was once a great natural wonder and presenting a spectacle comparable to Victoria Falls. It was worth a side trip to see it as it was flowing for full at the moment as Angola has had quite a lot rain lately. If Namibia and Angola would put a little care around this natural wonder it would become one of the most visited places in Namibia. Ruacana Falls are really untouched and undone for tourism but some locals are going for a day picnic and enjoy the amazing and non-touristic view over falls and Angola’s landscape. We cannot complain either as we enjoyed being out the touristic area and take in every moment of this wonderful place. Well these falls are right on the border of Namibia and Angola, and ... read more
Hard sunny day again
Spider home
Amazing view

Africa » Namibia » Ruacana May 11th 2011

The Epupa Falls (also known as Monte Negro Falls in Angola) are created by the Kunene River on the border of Angola and Namibia, in the Kaokoland area of the Kunene Region. The river is 0.5 km wide and drops in a series of waterfalls spread over 1.5 km, with the greatest single drop being 37 m. The name "Epupa" is a Herero word for "foam", in reference to the foam created by the falling water. Despite being difficult to reach (a 4WD vehicle is needed to reach them from Opuwo), the falls are a major visitor attraction in Namibia, because of the largely unspoiled environment, with fig trees, baobabs, makalani palms, and colored rock walls framing the falls. The Himba are an ethnic group of about 20,000 to 50,000 people living in northern Namibia, in ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Ruacana May 10th 2011

Portfolio - selection of photographs from various locations in the world. Photographs on the official Michel Piccaya website: read more

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