Day 192 - Enough to put you off your Cornflakes

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January 10th 2007
Published: January 14th 2007
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There was another overlanding group in the campsite. They had a mosquito net on top of their truck where a couple spent the night. So there we are tucking into our cereal and toast when they begin the morning's entertainment. We were all staring, he didn't care and she didn't know. We gave them a quick round of applause when they eventually clambered down off the roof. After that excitement we were soon back on the truck for a 4 hour drive, this time (thankfully) to our own campsite. It was good getting to the campsite reasonably early because this gave us our first chance to just sit around and relax. They even had a swimming pool which we went in a few times. It's hard to describe just how hot it is here, but a combination of the thermometer at 40C in the shade and hardly any shade meant the pool was unbelievably welcome. They also had a bar which obviously was another welcome sight.

Dinner was a brai, an African barbeque, and very nice it was too. The lamb was not the butcher's best cuts that's for sure, but whatever Wilson the cook did to it made it delicious. After a few nights of oppressive heat in the tent - the air tends to be very still and the temperature doesn't really drop much until about 3am - we spent the night out in the open. This was amazing, just lying out under an incredibly clear African sky with loads of shooting stars. All very romantic except for the sound of Alois the driver's snoring - he always sleeps outside. Gemma even had her astronomy guide with her leaving Ed wondering if he had in fact married a nerd.


24th January 2007

so lucky
I just fell onto your lucky! I hope you have an incrediable journey!

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