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November 21st 2013
Published: June 17th 2017
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01 Water01 Water01 Water

Local ladies carrying water on their heads.
Geo: -24.911, 34.187

Last night we had an awful night's sleep. It was very hot and there was no breeze at all. We constantly woke up covered in sweat. We all got up at about 7am. Slowly we cleaned up the car and packed our things into it. The car was still very full even though we have been constantly eating and drinking for the last four days. We left at 8:30am for our new place where we would be staying for the next three nights.

Today was an overcast day, which made it a good day for travelling. On the way to the local town of Inharrime we stopped at a huge baobab tree - full of leaves and flowers. As we were taking photos and admiring the tree, a ute chock a block full of people drove past. It must be hard for the passengers to hold on with these bumpy roads.

We stopped in Inharrime at the bank because Brett had to exchange US dollar for the local currency of Meticals. As we waited, Paul had a little wander of the small shops. He was very tempted to buy solar panels to attach to the car. They were a
02 Wide02 Wide02 Wide

Paul standing in front of a very wide baobab tree.
third of the price than South Africa. He decided against it in the end. The town was very busy- full buses and taxis coming in and out of town. As the people were getting in and out of taxis and buses, local people were trying to sell them fruit, drinks, vegetables and snacks.

Just before 10am we left Inharrime for the coast! From here to Chidendguele is the distance of 100km. Along the way the same items were being sold by the roadside – mangoes, coconuts, tomatoes & papayas. A funny sight was seeing a live goat tied to the top of a full taxi that was driving along at about 100km an hour.

We arrived at our resort at about midday. It was a disappointing sight – there was construction going on at the bar and pool area. There were no other guests around. The staff spoke very basic English and they had no record of our booking....Luckily Paul had printed out our confirmation. Twenty minutes later they took us to our chalet.

This chalet was the smallest of all the places we have stayed, but it did have a great view of the ocean. Hopefully the ocean will
03 Me03 Me03 Me

I am standing in front of the baobab tree.
look better tomorrow, as long as there is blue sky. This place was a bit run down and lacked character compared to the other chalets. We had lunch and then Paul and I went for a walk along the beach.

During our walk we only saw two other people. The ocean looked rough today. We then had a short afternoon nap. I did some reading in bed, as a nice sea breeze came through the window. Hopefully the weather improves tomorrow.

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04 Flower04 Flower
04 Flower

A flower that has fallen from the baobab tree.
05 Town05 Town
05 Town

In the heart of Inharrime - busy, busy!
06 Spare Seat06 Spare Seat
06 Spare Seat

I hope no one actually sits on this seat at the back!
07 Town07 Town
07 Town

In the heart of Inharrime - busy, busy!
08 Kids08 Kids
08 Kids

These children are carrying containers full of mangoes.
10 Goat10 Goat
10 Goat

This taxi had a live goat tied to the roof!
11 View11 View
11 View

The view of the ocean from our chalet.
12 View12 View
12 View

The view of other chalets from our chalet.
13 Our Chalet13 Our Chalet
13 Our Chalet

Our chalet as seen from our walk.
14 Path14 Path
14 Path

The path that leads to the beach.
15 Low Hide15 Low Hide
15 Low Hide

The view of the ocean at low tide.
16 Us16 Us
16 Us

Paul and I on the beach.

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