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February 17th 2008
Published: February 20th 2008
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Even though i'm actually an african I had never travel outside of South Africa in Africa. Shocking I know ! especially because its so beautiful. At work on tuesday i was invited to go to Mozambique for 4 nights and i jumped at the chance. The boarder was so relaxed they did not even check that the passboards the were stamping actually belonged to the people in the car (one person just takes the stack in). We also didn't have the log book of the car and they didn't care. At the boarder the tar roads end and its all beach sand so you have to have a 4x4. We were owing a boat and only got stuck once and managed to get out with not to much difficulty, but then discovered a dead puffadder under the car which was scary as i'm sure its partner wasn't to far away. The house we were staying in was so stunning it had amazing views, was on the beach had a jacuzzi/pool, awsome bar and slept 16 people.
this is unusual for Mozambique though as most people sleep in dirty camp sights. We stayed at Ponto Malangan which is very nice and more quiet then the next door popular ponto dora.

I was really surprised at how friendly the people are there, and they are always willing to help in exchange for shorts, a fish or a really small amount of money. its really sad how poor they are, the kids run after the cars and scream for R2. While there I went fishing twice and cought my first fish (a tuna) and watched one of my friends Jonno catch a marlin which we tagged and released thank goodness, its really a magnificint fish (200 pounds) ! Otherwise we mostly lay an the beach and partied. The water here is far warmer then any where else i've been, and a colour is so unbelievable, its like thailand but better and with waves. We went on a shabeen (African bar) tour which was so much fun, there is a whole ''road'' of shabeen thats you can go to, and party with the mozam people.

The whole trip was a wonderful experience, and all South Africans and tourists to South Africa should hop over the boarder and go to mozam, it only a 5 hour drive from durban !.

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Our break down Our break down
Our break down

On the main road of Mozam
Jonno and his MarlinJonno and his Marlin
Jonno and his Marlin

Just before release

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