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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo November 20th 2010

Well our time in Kampala has finally come to an end and we have said a sad goodbye to the kids and the babies. In our last week we decided to take the children from PCA to the Ndere Centre which is a cultural Ugandan dance show. The kids loved it! The show is very interactive and they were all up on stage showing off their dance moves. The next part of our travels we have decided to backpack/flash pack along the coast of Mozambique for 1 month - we will then travel across to Swaziland and then into J'burg where we fly out 30 November to Sydney. Our trip started in the early hours in Kampala where we caught a lovely NEW bus (Queens Coach) to Nairobi (12 hours) and it is well worth a ... read more
Pemba Bush and Dive Camp
Flat tyre

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos November 20th 2010

13th – 20th November 2010 Vilanculos – Tofo After one of the worst nights sleep of this trip….I think I managed about 2 hours of actual sleep in the hottest room ever with mosquitos flying around us (the Lonely Planet does rate Beira as the place that you are most likely to catch malaria in Moz!), we woke up at 2am and quickly got changed and finished packing our bags (so quickly that I managed to leave my favourite t shirt behind) and ran out the door as our taxi driver was early (now that’s a first in Africa!) and was tooting the heck out of his car horn. We managed to board the bus etc and had a smooth comfortable ride to our drop off point although the sun threatened to melt us as one ... read more
A little bit of heaven in Moz
Kath enjoying the Dhow ride
Me also enjoying the ride

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo November 15th 2010

One more diving trip...and one more time back to Africa. I have usual, the last few days in RDC having great time with great friends. Leslie at the same time is enjoying his Grandparents in Bangkok...and he his visiting Angkor with them. After my week in RDC, I spent a night in Joburg before picking up Ma'ri at the airport. This time were are heading to Inhambane, Mozambique, 90 minutes flight north-east of Joburg. Our final destination is Tofo Beach. You may have never heard of Tofo. Except if you are a diver. one of the capital for macro diving in the macro, we are meaning big fish. Our first stop is the Bamboozi resort for 4 nights right on Tofo beach. We are 50 meters from the restaurant and the beach, and ... read more
Tofo beach...magic and wild!
Enjoying the another giant! We are not jealous!
Flamingo Bay...magic!

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Bazaruto Archipelago September 28th 2010

Friday (6/8/10) Drive Day Another early start we were back on the truck this time bound for Mozambique! We stopped midmorning at a local stone curio’s picking up a couple souvenirs. Back to the truck we cruised along some the very narrow single lane road’s. Keen to get to camp we planned a quick lunch stop, which took over 45 minutes to buy a couple bottles of water (TIA). A couple hours later pulled into our roadside camp spot for the night, in time to whip up some spag bol for dinner. Saturday Up and at em, we hit the road right on 7am along surprisingly good roads. We stopped to buy some fresh cashews and made another quick road side with lunch everyone keen to get to Vilankolos. We arrived at Vilunkalos a small African ... read more
Dancing kids!
He's got the moves
Pt 2

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Bazaruto Archipelago August 26th 2010

Weather spoiled my Mozambique experience. The idea was to visit all these various beaches along the Indian Ocean but when cloud blocked out the sun for most of my stay I decided to just stick to Viliankulo and Tofo. Both known for its diving. Viliankulo is close to the Bazaruto island which is the more ideal place to stay but since its about $300 a night I stayed in Zombie Cucumber in Viliankulo which despite having mattresses on the floor it was the best hostel and sleep that I have had in a while. There are many islands to choose from but Bazaruto is the best one where diving or snorkelling is combined as a tour. Diving costs an expensive 100-euro to get 2 dives with some poor quality equipment. Easily the worst so far in ... read more
View from top of sand dunes
Me and angle fish

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo August 25th 2010

What an innocent day this particular Sunday was going to be. I was to lie down on the beach of Tofo until mid-afternoon. From there I would go to Inhambane around 20 minutes away to get some money out and go back home - There are no ATM’s in Tofo so the only way to get money out, is to go out of town - The first part of the day went as planned - At 3pm I left to get some money out… I would return 4 hours later. Sometimes you just have to laugh when a simple task like getting money out of an ATM in Africa can be a problem. MasterCard/Cirrus/Maestro cards are just awful cards to have in Africa. Very few banks accept it and since my VISA and Plus cards were ... read more
Tofo Scuba
The boats used to take out divers

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo August 22nd 2010

Maputo to Inhambane is only 1 hour by plane, the LAM staff are as unhelpful as ever and have no ideas as to where to fit my bag. I find room under someone else's seat with the help of many passengers and not the staff. Inhambane is about 20mins from Tofo, so I get a taxi. Staying at Fatima's Nest, luckily this is much better than the Maputo Fatima's which has rude staff. The accommodation is beach huts or dorms, the dorm is also a thatched hut just much bigger and all have mossie nets so no probs there. Luckily after 30mins, up walk Nik and Liz from the beach, my truck buddies! They acquaint me with the facilities, then we're off to a local hut for dinner. Black and White is a tiny shack of ... read more
Tipo time
Posh dinner

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo August 20th 2010

A hectic day of travelling and not really getting very far. The hostel owner's husband drives to Mutare daily for work, so he picks us up on his way past, then drops me at a random junction. I hitch a lift to the border in a pick up truck along with another random, he then luckily offers to help with my backpack. So I get stamped out of Zim. and get a visa into Moz. for only $9. Next is a chapas, minibus taxi, to Chomoio, but as usual I attract some strange local. It seems many Zims pop across the border to go shopping as it's cheaper in Moz and there is a higher availability of imported items such as trainers. 2 of the people I meet are going to buy trainers, one is going ... read more
Maputo Park
Tuk tuk
Fish Market

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo August 17th 2010

The joys of Africa Yes it's been a while between drinks, but I'm finally in Botswana and have a semi reliable internet connection. Something I haven't really had much of since I left South Africa. The overnight bus from Johannesburg to Maputo was fairly good, all things considered. We arrived at the Mozambique border around 3am and had to walk between check points while a million people were trying to exchange money at a bad rate, or sell us sim card's for about 33cents each, or steal foreign passports. I passed on these and got across the border without any hassles. After a day in the capital, a bunch of us caught a bus to Tofo, on the coast. This was not such a comfortable bus ride but after 8 hours of dust and bumps and ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern August 6th 2010

I said I would put up the link for the Portuguese TV program I was in - here it is! Its nice for the lovely Tofo but its in Portuguese.. My footage is all the underwater stuff that is not surfing. Am in OZ now so will send an update from here soon.. Ciao x... read more

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