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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo July 28th 2019

27-7-19 After flying into Maputo we were met by our guide Antalya, we were soon at the hotel Cardoso where we were to stay for two nights. We enjoyed a delicious tapas dinner with Antalya at one of her favourite cafes on our first night out in Maputo. 28-7-19 In the morning Antalya showed us the city which included the old town of Baixa, central market, museum of natural history and the historic railway station. The highlight of the day was a visit to the fish market where Antalya purchased fresh crab, fish and prawns, we then chose a restaurant from the many on the beachfront to cook it all up for our lunch. In the afternoon we visited Mafalala just on the outskirts of Maputo here the people live in severely disadvantaged conditions, with inadequate ... read more
Maputo train station
Maputo botanical gardens, Antalya our guide and Ron
Felucca.  Island of Mozambique

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo June 20th 2018

My next stop would be Tofo. I'd heard great things about this place from other travellers I had met. The diving, especially for large animals e.g. manta rays, humpback whales and whalesharks, and beaches were supposed to be great. I met a couple at my hostel in Vilanculos who happened to be driving to Tofo and so they offered me a lift with them in their 4x4. Result! The drive took about 5 hours. The scenery around the city of Inhambane on our approach to Tofo was really pretty with lots of palm trees and a few colonial buildings dotted around the place. When we arrived in Tofo we went straight to one of the dive centres, called 'Peri Peri' - 'the hottest diving in Mozambique' (yep) to book in some dives. Having already done my ... read more
Sunset in Tofo
Tofo market
Turtle roundabout

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos June 11th 2018

I arrived into the large town of Vilanculos on the rusty chapa and decided to stretch my legs and walk to the hostel. Baobab beach had been recommended to me so I headed in that direction. A few tuktuks pulled up offering a lift but I was enjoying the walk! When I arrived I checked into my dorm and went for a refreshing swim as the tide was in and the water looked so inviting. I chilled for the evening and ordered food and met lots of other backpackers. Which was nice as I had spent most of the previous few days without seeing a single traveller. The next day I took it easy. I relaxed on the beach, took a walk around the local area, did some laundry (exciting, I know. Amazing how stinky your ... read more
Bazaruto archipelago
Sand dunes

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo February 20th 2018

Tuesday 20 February – Vilancoulos to Xai Xai We all arrived at breakfast on time (5.30am) and was on the road close to 6.00am. Everyone helps with the washing up and packing up so it’s very easy. The day started with a beautiful sunrise, made more dramatic with a heavy rain cloud in the distance, partially covering the sun. We only saw the results of the rain rather than be in rain. It was so pleasant sitting on the balcony watching the sunrise, in balmy temperature, sipping our coffee etc. Just as the sun was coming up it was windy but once it was completely up, the wind calmed down. We stopped on the way for a roadside lunch prepared at the truck. It rained on the way. Xai Xai lies just north of Maputo, situated ... read more
On the way to Xai Xai (3)
Shorty in his Zulu traditional dress (2)

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane February 18th 2018

Sunday 18 February Barra Beach, Inhambane & Monday 19 February Vilanculos Up at 5.20am, breakfast at 6.00am (boiled eggs, toast and cereal) and away by 6.30am. It was still sprinkling with rain and the power had gone off early in the morning, so no air-conditioning. It was cooler, so that didn’t cause any issues. We stopped off at Inhambane for supplies. This gave us a chance to walk around the town, including the markets. It was a little too early (8.00am) on Sunday morning, so the activity hadn’t started. I came across a church where many people were singing and the minister at the front was definitely preaching forcefully. The singing was beautiful. Inhambane was a very typical African minor city with tired looking buildings, some abandoned but some in excellent condition. Most of the retail ... read more
Bazaruto Island (19)
Our apartment at Vilanculos - afternoon drinks on our balcony (1)
Dinner time at Vilanculos (2)

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo February 17th 2018

Saturday 17 February – Barra Beach and Tofo It was an overcast day as we woke and walked to breakfast at 8.00am. After cereal, eggs and bacon, it was clear this was going to be another day of rain as it was the previous afternoon. Not to be dissuaded, and because it was not suitable to go with the boat out in the bay, we decided on riding quad-bikes to Tofo. Gareth our guide took us the Flamingo Bay Resort amongst the mangroves, to register and to pick up the bikes. It looked as though no one was staying at the resort which wasn’t unusual at this time of the year. December and January are their raining season, as well as February…apparently. After getting our driving instructions, along with our guide, we revved the engines and ... read more
Quad bike ride to Tofu - cashews which Mozambique is famous for (1)
Quad bike ride to Tofu (1)
Quad bike ride to Tofu - cashews which Mozambique is famous for (2)

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane February 16th 2018

Thursday 15 February Inhambane This was a long driving day through local villages. We saw the rural life of Mozambique which makes up around 80% of the country. The roadside stalls were selling fruit, cashews (very famous in the country) and clothing as well as charcoal and grasses. Inhambane (pronounced in-yam-ban) is in the Jangamo District of Inhambane Province, Mozambique. It is a sleepy historic town some 485 km north of Maputo. It has some great colonial architecture (in a low-key sort of a way) and is considered by many to be one of the prettiest towns in Mozambique. It is situated on a peninsula overlooking a bay, and also serves as a springboard to the coastal resorts around Tofo beach (some 30km due east, along a reasonably good road). The road was relatively good up ... read more
Maputo to Inhambane (1)
Maputo to Inhambane (2)
Maputo to Inhambane (4)

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo February 14th 2018

Tuesday 13 February – I’m flying to Maputo, Mozambique!!! After a full breakfast on the ground floor restaurant of the Easy Hotel Kenya I wrote up my last bit of my blog so was up to date. I then decided to go for a walk around the outside of the hotel. Walking out the other hotel, past the security guard, to another security guard and through the security gate, I walked down the long driveway to the public road. For the next hour I walked along the roads, saying mambo to the locals. All along there were high security fences with electric of barbed wire on the top. The roads were terribly dusty as they were not seals, very rocky and Nairobi hadn’t had rain since 2017. I took some photos from the air to show ... read more
Maputo Mozambique (22)
Pemba in northern Mozambique (4)
Maputo Mozambique - Iron House (1)

Africa » Mozambique » Southern February 8th 2018

Fouriesburg was not very exciting, at all , the dinners ok fish but that was all. the general heading is north towards Mozambique and the Kruger Park so that’s where I went, north towards heat and humidity. The South African country side went by at moderate speed, why hurry if you don’t have to so I don’t. If I get to the Victoria falls fine and if not fine as well. The inn keeper in Fouriesburg told that using the GPS was a very good way of getting lost, so that’s nice to being told something that you more or less new already. I stopped in The Golden Gate Park and just sat there and thought about the beautiful nature, deep huh? I decided to go to Dundee and put it to the GPS and of ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane February 7th 2018

It is indeed a very beautiful country with a landscape that varies all the time lush green to desert beige, and it's not flat lile the Pampa of Argie or the plain of Brazil, nor is it col, well it is in places but more about that later. I left my boutique hotel and went for the coast double checking every now and then so that tracks4Africa in cohorts with Mssrs Garmin would not lead me on a wild goose chase yet again, close to Port Edward I was suppose to take a left which I did and then I thought about a nice cup of coffee and made a U-turn and went back to Port Edward and had a nice cup of coffee when the moneys came. They were looking for food and searched under ... read more

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