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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane August 30th 2014

Our first anniversary was nearing, and my husband couldn't be more excited to plan a trip to make sure we have a memorable one. However he couldn't keep it a surprise and decided to make a joint decision to zero in on the destination. The options were Botswana (Okavango Delta), Zambia (Victoria Falls) and Mozambique (beach destination). We had already discussed that the place would be unusual where hardly anyone we know would have been. The choice was made soon, Mozambique it was (A Southeast African country). We chose to stay at the Water Chalets in a low profile place called Inhambane in Southern Mozambique. We had a choice of staying at one of the islands within Mozambique however the idea of staying in a water chalet attracted us more and hence we chose the latter. ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos April 4th 2014

A taste is all we have time for now, with barely a week left before we would fly out of southern Africa. The trip from Nelspruit to Maputo was uncomfortable, a five hour haul with our knees wedged into the back of the seat in front of us, a stranger’s shoulder pressed firmly against my own, our packs across our laps, and the smell of 16 sweaty people crammed into a minivan. Nonetheless, this travel served such an interesting lesson on how certain parts of the world work, that I wouldn’t have changed a thing. During the five hour trip, we were pulled over at five or six different police checkpoints. Though maybe these checkpoints do have some larger macro function for law enforcement, at the micro scale, they are an opportunity for the police officers ... read more
Benguerra Island in the National Park
View of Low Tide towards the mainland from Magaruque Island
Daniel and I making our way up the dune on Bazaruto

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos November 15th 2013

Firstly, apologies that I have not recorded a travel blog for well over a month- life here has been amazing over the last month and a half, but also very busy! I left Baobab on the 29th September to move into a beautiful apartment near the beach, with Francisco. He has also brought over some lovely pieces of furniture- most of them made by him- and we have loved creating a temporary home here for a couple of months! I can’t believe how quickly the time is going, and that I’ll actually be back in the UK in a few weeks for my Christmas visit, before returning to Vilankulos again in January. I feel extremely lucky to have discovered this wonderful community, as well as having the stunning beach on my doorstep, and teaching here is ... read more
Dogs with me on the beach
Me with the lovely dogs from our apartment
Saturday afternoon at the beach

Africa » Mozambique » Southern November 14th 2013

Heading south again we entered Mozambique at the Zobue border post hoping that our visa’s were in order, which they were but we had to wait whilst our Australian colleagues this time (not the Swiss) obtained theirs which seem to take an age - ‘but this is Africa’, we have heard that saying so much that we were repeating it now! You did not have to find a bank to get your monies exchanged as at most of the border crossings locals with huge wads of money were trying to make some more - not sure whether we got good rates or not but it was quite easy to change the multitude of currencies we had. We were now used to the Pula in Botswana, the Kwacha in Malawi, the Zambian Kwacha which was different to ... read more
River crossing
along the way
Children's playground campsite!

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo October 13th 2013

I was going to spend the whole of the next day and night and the following day on the road and so I wanted an early night but due to the heat and the mozzies I got around an hour’s kip!. The next day I caught the Pathfinder bus to Bulawayo at 07:00 which arrived at 13:00. The journey commenced with a prayer and then a song about God!! It seems religion is a big thing over here and they are intent on ramming it down the throats of everyone else!! I couldn’t complain too much though as Chris Brown followed at full blast. I then had a wander round Bulawayo for a couple of hours and I never saw another whitey and everybody was staring at me, it was interesting! After lunch I headed off ... read more
At the border to enter South Africa
Downtown Maputo

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos September 17th 2013

As I sit here to begin recording what I hope will be an amazing new life for me in Vilanculos, I am recalling times during the past week when I’ve actually had to pinch myself to check that it is real! I am very aware of how clichéd this sounds, but there have been a few moments when I‘ve thought I can’t believe that things are really beginning to fall into place, as I pursue the dream that I have had for at least two years. Saying farewell to Mum and Dad at the airport on Friday morning was tough, as always, after enjoying a great summer at home with them. However, I was also experiencing great excitement and anticipation at the thought of returning to Africa; I have found more recently that, as much as ... read more
Vilanculos Beach
Vilanculos Beach
Vilanculos Beach

Africa » Mozambique » Southern March 11th 2013

Mozambique/Kosi Bay 20th Feb to 3rd March 2013 Clothes and food packed, check! Trailer packed, Check! Early start, got up at 4 am and left at 5. Managed to avoid most of the early morning traffic of Johannesburg which was great as I am sure it would add an extra 2 hours to our trip – not want you want to contend with at the start of your holiday. Mostly the road was good with all the road works just about completed although the road through Piet Retief still needs attention. We only had 1 stop and go just on the other side of Pongola. As we approach Pongola the vegetation changes – signs of a different climate – warmer sub tropics. Seeing my favourite fever trees, gives me that special thrill that we are heading ... read more
Pongola stop and go
Near Jozini dam

Africa » Mozambique » Southern February 19th 2013

Another present time blog, although I will have no internet till we get back, so the rest of my blog will only be published after the trip. A touch of the Moz bug. It's that time of the year again. 2013 looms ahead of us and we need some goals to work towards before the rat race digs its claws into us. Time to plan our trips for the year ahead, so we sit with a calendar and see how we can fit in our travelling and holidays. After all, we need something pleasant to look forward to, don't we? Most years we decide to have a short break around February/ March and head for a destination where we can relax and do just what we want. This is 'our' time! But of course we want ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Bazaruto Archipelago September 26th 2012

13 april bazaruto archipelago family outing ( maputo islands ) The Bazaruto Archipelago is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Set just off the coastline of Mozambique, the weather along the coast remained sunny throughout the day, benguerra bay resort islands had excellent accommodation, they had small and intimate rooms were we slept for the weekend, they offered genuine hospitality, personalised service and an intimate knowledge of the natural environment. It had a rich East African/Arabic feel – evinced in both the décor, and the unique and delectable food. We were spoilt for choice with the luxurious options on the menu. The Bazaruto Archipelago is a crystal clear paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers, i experienced and novice the feeling with my family, the following day conditions were Excellent, the dive centers offered world- ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos September 2nd 2012

My next destination after Tofo was Vilankulos, about 200 km up the coast, as the crow flies. I was told that this was an easy enough journey and that it shouldn't take too long. Having been in Africa about 8 months by this stage, I really should have known that this would not be the case. Nevertheless, I had a fairly easy morning after the full moon party the night before and got the bus from Tofo to Inhambane a bit later than I had planned. I wasn't worried about this though, because from Inhambane, all I had to do was get a ferry across to Maxixe and then get a bus to Vilnkulos, which should take somewhere between 2 and 3 hours. Going north from Inhambane, it makes a lot more sense getting a ferry ... read more
Looking for Shellfish
Maraguque Island
Kids on Maraguque

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