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May 20th 2012
Published: May 20th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Back in Tofo after a LONG and bumpy ride back in a van that rides rougher than a go-cart! Ouch.

Of course, in the 2 days I was gone a whale shark was spotted on a dive, a tiger shark, and a gray reef shark. Apparently the strong currents bring them in. Of course, the flip side is that the visability was 4 meters (12 feet). To see a tiger shark within 12 feet would be a harrowing experience I think, but often when you are afraid of something, if you dive with it once, you feel fine about it. I actually jumped in the water the other day when we sighted a Hammerhead Shark. Sadly, I didn't see it. I've always wanted to see one. So I am unsure about the way the rest of the week will play out. Of course I want to see things and dive, but it is all so difficult when it is calm so I can't imagine it choppy. Of course the first day or two I dove it was fairly choppy, but I have my "diving fins" now (as opposed to sea legs, haha) so it will probably be better. There is a website called windguru, and winds are rated from calm to storms, and they don't dive if it is too windy. We'll just have to play it by ear.

I just did an MBTI on Patty, and she turned out to be exactly my guess: ISTJ, the Inspector! LOL. She's awesome, and she laughed through it as it is completely accurate. I really like most everyone in the house though I know some better than others. It has really been enjoyable, getting to know them all. Patty is an American, from San Francisco, one of my very favorite cities. Yay! I have a reason to go there! And I have reasons to go to London, Zurich, and Munich...and Amsterdam...and...... not much to really blog about today....just resting up for the week and getting ready for what it will bring!


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