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November 20th 2013
Published: June 17th 2017
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01 Market01 Market01 Market

The market in Inharrime.
Geo: -23.8698, 35.3854

We had another early start this morning and left the chalet at 7am. Today we were going on another day trip. Our first destination for the day was Inhambane for some sightseeing. It would be about a two hour drive. Along the way there were many road side stalls selling peri peri sauce. Just after 9am we arrived in Inhambane. We drove around the quiet, coastal town, saw the bay, old mosque and market. The water looked so nice and inviting! This town has a long and rich history, back in the 10th century Persian and Arab traders bartered their goods and later on came the Portuguese. Now it is a touristy town due to the beautiful beaches and clear water.

We parked the car near the pier and walked to the end. Men were trying to sell us a ferry ride across the bay. We choose not to and we preferred to spend our time at the beach later on instead of being on a ferry. At the end of the pier there were a few fishing boats and people – both local and tourists, getting on and off the ferry.

Back in the car we drove a
02 Peri Peri02 Peri Peri02 Peri Peri

On the way to Inhambane, there were many road side stalls selling Peri-Peri sauce.
few minutes to the centre of town and parked outside the Mercado Central for a little browse of the market. As soon as we got out of the car we were hassled to exchange currency and for guarding our car. We decided that we would be quick at the market and get to the beach!

The guys were hoping to buy some fresh seafood, as we had the fridge in the car to keep it cold. There were a few tables of fish that was not refrigerated or on ice. Ladies were waving around branches to keep the flies away. The guys were not interested in buying fish anymore! There were lots of ladies selling things like hats and baskets made from straw. Then we came to the best part – the fresh fruit and vegetables. We brought lots of fruit and vegetables. Luckily the ladies spoke pretty good English. We also brought more bread rolls. With our shopping in the fridge we drove out of town at about 10:30.

Just out of town we turned onto a 4x4 road to Guinjata Bay. Paul stopped and the guys deflated the tyres. We were now on a sandy track, driving past many
03 Family03 Family03 Family

A family walking along the road carrying water on their heads.
thatched huts and coconut palms. After 50 minutes of driving on the sandy track we arrived at Paindane Beach Resort. We were here because Paul had been here many years ago and thought it would be a good place to spend the day. I was pretty excited to be spending the day at the beach. The sky was blue, warm weather and wide open beach. The resort seemed to be deserted. We drove down to the beach where the restaurant/bar was. It was time for lunch and we were hungry!

There was another couple at the bar, sitting under an umbrella enjoying cold beers. Otherwise no-one else was there, except for a lady trying to sell her curios. At the bar I asked the barman what food they had. He told me that they had no food at all. I was not impressed. This would have been a great place to eat, amazing view and virtually had the place to ourselves. While we were deciding what to do, a couple of local men approached us. They wanted to sell us freshly, locally caught crayfish. The guys excitedly decided to buy a couple (seven) for dinner this evening.

We bought cold drinks
04 Husks04 Husks04 Husks

A huge pile of coconut husks - this would make a great bonfire!
from the bar and drove a couple of hundred metres along the beach. We parked the car and prepared our things for a snorkel. There were only a few other tourists around. The rest of the crowd were local people. The water looked beautiful and was guaranteed to be warm as it is the Indian Ocean. Once we were kitted out – mask, fins and in my case a noodle, in we went. Paul and I snorkelled about together. It was fantastic. We saw many beautiful fish swimming amongst the colourful coral. It was really relaxing and peaceful to observe the sea life below the water. An hour and a half later we got out of the water - we were in need of food.

One of the other resorts apparently would be able to serve us lunch. It took us 20 minutes to get to Jeff's Place. It was a resort and they had a bar/restaurant right on the beach. We all enjoyed yummy pizzas with an amazing view of the ocean.

It was now about 3pm. We didn't want to be driving back to the chalet in the dark, so we hit the road. Once we were off
05 Shop05 Shop05 Shop

A shop in a small town.
the sandy track we stopped to pump all the tyres up. As we were waiting for the compressor to pump the tyres, a group of children came up to us. They were asking us for pens and sweets. Unfortunately we didn't have either to give to them, but they still chatted to us.

Back on the main road we stopped to buy some Peri-Peri Sauce. We got back to the chalet just in time before it was dark. We had another chilled out evening. The guy cooked their crayfish for dinner. It was another early night; we were pretty exhausted from our day out.

Additional photos below
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06 Shop 06 Shop
06 Shop

A shop in a small town.
07 Pottery07 Pottery
07 Pottery

Pottery for sale by the road.
08 Inhambane08 Inhambane
08 Inhambane

The view from the coastal town of Inhambane.
09 Inhambane09 Inhambane
09 Inhambane

The view from the coastal town of Inhambane.
10 Buildings10 Buildings
10 Buildings

Old buildings in Inhambane.
11 Mosque11 Mosque
11 Mosque

The local mosque.
12 Statue12 Statue
12 Statue

A statue of an important man.
13 Old Boats13 Old Boats
13 Old Boats

Old fishing boats in the harbour.
14 Boat14 Boat
14 Boat

A boat in the harbour.
15 Pier15 Pier
15 Pier

Some boats at the end of the pier.
16 Fish16 Fish
16 Fish

Lots of small fish we saw in the water.
17 Church17 Church
17 Church

One of the churchs in Inhambane.
18 Town18 Town
18 Town

Looking at the town of Inhambane from the pier.
19 Sail Boat19 Sail Boat
19 Sail Boat

A sail boat in the bay.
20 Ferry20 Ferry
20 Ferry

A few little boats which are the local ferry service that goes from here to Maxixe.
21 Ferry21 Ferry
21 Ferry

A ferry boat ready for passengers.

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