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Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba March 21st 2013

Resumo: Pessoas tentando passar a perna, 11hs em um caminhão de carga, dormindo no chão do hotel, quase 30hrs para chegar ao meu destino, estou bem. Vou comentar apenas o que ocorreu após cruzar a fronteira de Malawi para Moçambique. Comecei bem .. pessoas sorrindo, dizendo “Boa Tarde” “Boa Viagem” (Aqui as pessoas falam Portugues!), carona de moto da fronteira até próxima cidade. E daqui começou a ‘palhaçada’ (na sequencia): · * Em torno de 15 homens me cercaram ao tentar trocar o restante de Katcha (MWL-Malawi) para Meticais (MZN-Moçambique), a confusão era tanta que eles tentaram me dar MZN 1070 ao invés de 1700. Enquanto eu refazia a conta na calculadora, eles “sumiram” com 5,000 MWK e diziam que eu tinha que dar mais dinheiro. Sorte a minha que o meu “Nao vou dar mais ... read more
caminhoes atolados
USD 7 para dormir no chao
nice bus .. quebrado tb

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba August 20th 2012

Though Pemba is the gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelego, those islands are still a ways away. We decided to spend all our beach time in Pemba and not go to Ibo, or any of the other islands of the Quirimbas Archipelego. From our hotel room, we had a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean and the nightly sunsets were gorgeous. We went into town only once, to change money, as the hotel only took Meticais or Visa and not US dollars. Other than that small excursion, we spent all our time exploring the shore line near our hotel. The inter-tidal zone was quite interesting. We saw star fish, multi-coloured coral, sea anemone, moray eels, sea urchins, and many other interesting creatures. Swimming in the sea was also fun.... read more
Tidal Stream
Flipping Flip Flops

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba August 16th 2012

Eduardo, the taxi driver, claimed he was sick and couldn't show up at 08:00. Our hotel arranged for another driver, but at a much higher price than we'd arranged with Eduardo, yesterday. The most important thing was, we had to get to Pemba, as we fly out from Pemba to Dar-es-Salaam from where we head home to Doha. It was too late for the bus which had left at 05:00, and chapas would have been too much hassle for this distance (about 400 km). On the road, we realized this new driver was the friend Eduardo had taken the car jack from. Oh ... So, ... this made things interesting ... but, ... we had to get to Pemba. The road was being worked on in sections, but our driver was doing 120-130 km a lot ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique August 15th 2012

We got up and felt quite good. So, we negotiated a taxi to take us on a day trip to Mozambique Island, and also to Pemba tomorrow. The taxi was well cared and in excellent condition. It was going to be a good day! Mozambique Island has a similar history to Zanzibar Island. It was the capital of the country and was a slave trading centre that saw countless numbers of captives mistreated and boarded onto ships for transport to slave buying ports around the world. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was the primary reason for us selecting Northern Mozambique in this trip. We'd initially planned on 2 nights on the island, but a day trip was just as good, since we had a good hotel in Nampula, the drive each way was going ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Nampula August 13th 2012

Nampula is the capital of this Northern Region of Mozambique, and as such it has lots of administrative offices and lots of activity. It does have a "hard edge" to it, but N.. Walked around and bought clothes and toiletries to replace the essentials that he lost. He managed to find everything he needed except secure Internet access. E.. cheated and used the hotel's computer. N.. refused to use a potentially compromised machine. It took us 2 days to recover from the stomach bug and the ill effects of lousy train travel.... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Nampula August 12th 2012

We got to the train station at 04:00. There was a semblance of a line up, but there were pockets of people not in the line up too. We stayed near the entrance to the station. At 04:30 the station doors were opened by big beefy men in hard hats who were used to crowd control. We used out torches to get to the unpopular 3rd class caqrriages near the front of the train. They were less crowded because they involved a long walk from the station platform. We got 3 seats in a corner where there was plenty of luggage space on top. We put our 3 bags on the top luggage rack and held on to our day packs in our laps. We chose the corner seats, so there would be more security for ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Cuamba August 11th 2012

The road out of Cape Maclear was supposed to be a rough track and we understood it took an hour to get to Monkey Bay. From there it was another hour and a half to Mangochi and then another hour and a half to the Mozambique border at Chiponde/Mandimba. From there, it was another two hours to Cuamba. We were prepared for a tough day of travel. To make it easier, we hired a taxi at Cape Maclear to the border at Chiponde. The taxi driver really wanted the business, and underbid the "established" cartel prices listed on all the backpacker guest houses. We arranged to leave at 07:30, but the taxi driver finally showed up around 08:00. Then came the good news. The track out of Cape Maclear had been graded, and was being prepared ... read more
Bicycle Taxi at Border

Africa » Mozambique » Northern March 10th 2012

Left Gary's in Harare early AM on the 7th for the 4 hour drive to the border, or that was the plan. We were towing his boat that he planned to leave up in Moz for friends and clients of his to use, and around 2 hours into the journey the tire of the trailer was victim to one of Zim's insane potholes. We changed the spare only to find that it too was almost destroyed and drove gingerly to the nearest town to find a tire yard... which we did. 1 hour, $200 and some very ropey tire fitting techniques later we were on the road again. Arriving at the border was somewhat tense, we had no idea how much a visa would cost... or if we would even get one, and the boat had ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba January 18th 2012

Today was prison ministry; Megan, me and about 10 others gathered together to go on a trip to go to the local prison. This is a ministry that Iris do once a week on a Tuesday, run by a guy who used to be in the prison himself, called Ezekiel. We all jumped into the back of a truck to take us on a 20 minute drive before we arrived at the prison. We arrived in the grounds of the prison where we took our ‘valuables’ out of our pockets before we went in to the confined prison building. This was quite annoying as I wanted to take pictures but perhaps you will just have to imagine it… …We entered through the main gate into the prison building itself and straight in front of us was ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba January 11th 2012

I was talking about, in our last blog, how we helped prepare 3 ½ tonnes of beans into 10kg sacks ready to be distributed; well maize and rice had also been sacked up in 5kg bags (before we had arrive) and were already to be given to the widows and disabled in the community. On Monday 9th of January, hundreds of men and women came to the Iris base, collected a ticket and queued up ready to collect their free food for the next 2 weeks. We had 4 stations ready to receive 1 person at a time, to load them up with food to take home to their families. They laid down their multipurpose material flat on the floor and we would poor rice in and then put a bag of beans and a bag ... read more

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