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Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique October 27th 2019

Mozambique isn’t really a tourist destination and Isle de Mozambique, off the coast, is not even known to many backpackers', yet. The little hotels are empty until Saturday night when some expat oil workers turn up for a weekend break. Isle de Mozambique was “discovered” by Vasco da Gama around 1498 and quickly became the capital of Portuguese East Africa. Long before Vasco's discovery, Arabs and Swahili locals had been trading gold and slaves here but it was the Portuguese who turned it into a city and this was the country's capital for 400 years. So it is very strong on faded grandeur. Everywhere there are decaying buildings longing for some love and money to restore them to their heyday. Our hotel was once a ruined trading house; now it is rather splendid. Hanging brass lamps ... read more
Chapel of Our Lady, 1522
On the dhow
Feitoria hotel

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique June 10th 2018

The main reason I chose to travel to Mozambique was for the diving. I had heard great things and so didn't want to miss it whilst I was in this part of the world. Also Mozambique is known for it's beaches so I thought it could be a nice place to end my trip! First, I wanted to visit Mozambique Island as 1. It was recommended in the guidebook and 2. It sounded kind of cool and historical. Next I wanted to visit Vilanculos as it's a good diving spot with nice beaches. My third stop would be Tofo, also known for it's diving and beaches. Finally I would end my trip in Maputo where I would take my flight home. So first, Mozambique Island! A.k.a Ilha de Mozambique a.k.a Ilha (pronounced Ileeya). It is the ... read more
Mozambique Island
View of the Indian ocean from the Fort of Sao Sebastiao
Palace and Chapel of Sao Paulo

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique August 15th 2012

We got up and felt quite good. So, we negotiated a taxi to take us on a day trip to Mozambique Island, and also to Pemba tomorrow. The taxi was well cared and in excellent condition. It was going to be a good day! Mozambique Island has a similar history to Zanzibar Island. It was the capital of the country and was a slave trading centre that saw countless numbers of captives mistreated and boarded onto ships for transport to slave buying ports around the world. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was the primary reason for us selecting Northern Mozambique in this trip. We'd initially planned on 2 nights on the island, but a day trip was just as good, since we had a good hotel in Nampula, the drive each way was going ... read more

Would anyone like to fund my next trips...pretty please! My top ten 'I must go soon' destinations: Mozambique Antarctica Namibia Botswana Alaska Arctic Mustique Argentina India Costa Rica ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique August 29th 2010

From Tofo to Maputo, there is a door to door shuttle run by an independent company to Fatima's, leaving at 4am. It loads the bus with backpackers first, jamming the backpacks under the seats and most likely charging a premium. Then is rams in as many locals as physically possible. I get a seat with leg room, not on the wheel arch for once so can actually get some sleep. The journey is estimated at 5-10hours depending on what occurs on the journey, many new arrivals to Tofo took 9 hours so I have low expectations and am shocked when we get to Maputo Fatima's at 10am, only 6 hours! I try to fly to Nampula that day but the flight is full so I book one for 8am the next morning. I wander Maputo the ... read more
Road from Nampula
Bridge to the island
Not good for passing

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique May 16th 2010

Crossing from Malawi to Mozambique I get a little rush. Despite an excellent travel partner for the last month it feels good to be exploring on my own again. There's also a certain thrill to be had in entering a country in which once again I have no grasp of the language - Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony rather than the predominantly English ones I've visited recently - and very little knowledge about the place full stop. To the best of my recollection the first minibus ('chapa') I take once in Mozambique sets a personal record: 28 people in a 14 seater, plus driver. Fitting all the luggage inside along with the passengers resembles a failing effort to salvage a game of Tetris on the blink. Every square inch of space is swiftly swamped as ... read more
Jet Li
Hard at work

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique August 23rd 2009

I reach the chapa park at an awkward time. The chapa to Ilha is already nearly full, meaning the boon of an imminent departure, but the vehicle is one where the front row of seats and an uncomfortable backwards-facing bench share legroom that is only adequate for one or the other. It's to the disappointment of all that my long legs are added to this mix. A foreign couple comfortably settled on the back seat view me with undisguised contempt, marking them out as French. The journey to Ilha is fortunately on a decent road, meaning the battle to prevent my right foot from going numb lasts only 2.5 hours. I'm relieved when, twisting round to face the front, I see the causeway leading over to the island. There's a slalom course of red and white ... read more
Red, white, and blue

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique December 22nd 2008

In the morning Johannas and I toss our packs into the back of Gabriel’s pick-up, and with a few toots of the horn and a handful of merry waves, we bump along through the streets of Ilha. We’re undoubtedly a curious sight - at no point this week have I seen more than three or four other white tourists on the island - and there are plenty of barefoot kids in varying states of undress to chase our clouds of dust. At the bridge to the mainland a chapa idles near the checkpoint, four haggard faces peering from the rear. It’s a Sunday, and traffic to the mainland is slow: the driver wearily informs us he’s been waiting for his truck to fill since early morning. Gabriel shakes his head and offers us his best wishes, ... read more
Geoff on the job.
Quittin' time!

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique July 12th 2008

Ihla de Mozambique played a huge role in the history of eastern Africa, the slave trade and the Portuguese dominance over Mozambique. Before the Portuguese took over the island was used by Arab traders. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the Portuguese their weapons weren’t that great and the Portuguese took over in the early 1500. They were quick to build the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, in 1522 which is considered to be the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere. Shortly after they realize that they cannot defend the Island with a bible and build the impressive Fort of São Sebastião. Both of which are still standing. The island was up until the early 1900 the focal point of Portuguese trade (spices, slaves and gold) to and from Africa and India and later ... read more
Women’s soccer... on concrete.. without shoes.. Tough
After a hard day
One of the many small side streets

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique October 19th 2007

Hey, Arrived in Mozambique on Monday off the ferry from Malawi. After three days of travelling on the back of trucks and in crammed minibuses with chickens and goats etc. we have arrived in Nampula a bustling third world town. We are finding it very hard to communicate with the locals as we don´t speak Portuguese! From here we are heading to Ilha de Mozambique which is an island off the coast and then going to Bazuruto Archiepalgo for some beach chilling paradisical time. The people seem just as great as the Malawians but a lot prouder and a little richer but not by much! Sorry for boring blog updates but computers are painfully slow and expensive to use but we will definitely upload photos when we get to South Africa. Love Dan and Alex x ... read more

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