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Africa » Mozambique » Central » Quelimane February 12th 2018

Miserably hot, infinitely interesting and beautiful. Mozambique, a land of contrasts. Loved it, let's go. Wow, I did it, have to give myself credit for that. "Too busy to leave, not feeling in the best physical condition, not sure about where I'm going". There are so many reasons we can come up with to pull back when about to leave on a slightly scary, unknown trip. I have always managed to work through those, even though sometimes it is tough. I want to be able to say at the end of the race of life that I have lived, taken the adventures my heart craved, not been afraid to jump into places that are unknown. For the most part, I have succeeded. Late fall 2017 I had my flight ticket and visa to Cameroon-West Africa. My ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Central January 14th 2017

Well, where do I even begin? Over the past few months, everything has seemed to just jumble together into a hairball of service. Looking back at previous posts, it seems like time was just dragging by and I was still trying to grasp this whole Mozambican culture thing. Even though I am far from a Mozambican or Portuguese expert, I feel like life here is really starting to fall into place. Daily life includes: waking up, rushing out the door with a loaf of bread or crackers with some type of spread, telling my phase 2 host siblings and landlord’s kid that I am late for work so they have to wait to use my coloring materials until later, attempting not to fall in the mud as I waddle to the hospital, tend to 4-20 HIV ... read more
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Africa » Mozambique » Central » Beira November 13th 2010

8th – 13th November 2010 Pemba – Ihla de Mozambique – Nampula – Beira We left Pemba just after 4am and had a quick drive down to Ihla de Mozambique (only 5 hours) which was pretty uneventful except for the driver trying to demand more money from us due to the high price of fuel. It was very picturesque driving towards the island and over the causeway with turquoise waters and white sand beaches. We were staying at a backpackers place called Ruby’s that we’d heard great things about so got dropped off there and luckily they had a twin room available. It was so hot on the island, there was no wind and the sun was beating down but after a quick rest we went off to explore the island. It’s not a big island, ... read more
Funny kid, Ihla de Moz
View from Ihla de Goa
Fixing the fishing nets

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Chimoio March 23rd 2010

It might seem too early to blog about my trip, but I really just can't wait. 30 Days seems a bit ambitious to travel around the world. Many would say that I may not really enjoy the places I'm going to see. I call this my dream trip. Yes sometimes I think this seems so overwhelming but it's a small world after all. Been planning this trip on my head for a couple of years now. But there's so many places to see in this "small" world but time is never plenty either, coz we have those things called bills. I currently live in Denver, CO U.S.A. right now. This is just quick glance of my itinerary. My 30-Day trip starts on the 19th of April 2010. 1)Denver to Atlanta to Johannesburg to Harare, then a ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Beira August 25th 2009

The TCO bus is an anomaly in African transport, like a readable passage in a Harry Potter book. Though not hitting Argentinian heights of comfort, it makes the 16.75 hours to Beira pass in a trauma-free fashion. The promised toilet and AC are present and correct, and the secret to reaching our destination in just one day lies in infrequent stops and certainly none for fruit and veg shopping. I wonder if the ripping sound I hear is the tearing apart of the very fabric of African travel. There is one cause for concern, however, and it unexpectedly revolves around Westlife. The bus has insufficient DVDs to last the duration of the journey and, though we only get one showing of "Operation Delta Force 2:Mayhem", the Westlife Greatest Hits DVD gets repeated. I consider myself as ... read more
Stonking TCO bus
Wall detail

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Quelimane December 6th 2008

I still cannot write the actually name of "My Town" because chances are that somewhere out there amongst my thousands and thousands of loyal readers there is someone so repulsed by my audacity to continuously publish a public journal about ME and MY LIFE that revealing my exact location would only put a bulls eye on my back for that someone to come here and put an end once and for all to the Fresh Prince of Mozambique. I can't allow it. The show must go on. Please be warned, if you are not related to me or even if you are, you will find almost none of these photos at all interesting. Its just a few days of walking around my town. No elephants or lions were out on those days, but I'll try for ... read more
a friendly neighbor
a road

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Quelimane December 3rd 2008

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, this would in fact be my second blog entry within the last 10 days. It must be due to that holiday magic that finds a way to touch all of us, even those of us in Mozambique. I was telling my mom that Thanksgiving is just absolutely HUGE here!! You wouldn't think it, but the streets were just overflowing with Mozambicans wearing pilgrim style hats, dressing up like turkeys, and of course bars become packed with everyone in town who has gathered around to see the Detroit Lions play football on the television. It really is just a fascinating scene. OK, so all that may be a lie, but I'm starting the Straight Talk Express (RIP) from here on out. I will break this edition up into two entries, ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Quelimane November 27th 2008

Why hello there! How have you been? Oh, me? I’ve been good thanks, pretty busy though. Whats that? Well yes, I believe I have lost a little weight, thank you for noticing! You actually look a little fatter to be honest. Its ok, that happens to a lot of people after high school. What? Yeah, you’re right, it has been quite a while, I apologize ….I believe the last time we talked, I had a full head of hair, my name was Jimmy Schneidewin_, I was 23, I had only run one marathon in my life, the President of the United States was white, and the record number of losses in one season for a University of Michigan football team was 7. Sounds like we have a little bit of catching up to do. And by ... read more
i am...
you can...

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Quelimane September 6th 2008

So I spent so much time with those other entries today that I have very little time to write this update. I am training for a marathon. The race is November 2 in Soweto South Africa. Training in Africa is harder than training in Michigan. My hair is still growing. I will include a picture of how ugly I have become. I am almost done with my original name on my Peace Corps name countdown. I will include a picture. I am happier than I was last month, and I was happier then than I was in July, and happier in July than June, etc. I still miss home a lot, but I am doing alright here.... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Central September 6th 2008

Mt. Namuli is the second highest mountain in Mozambique, tipping the scales at 2419 meters. It also happens to be located in my province, right outside of a town called Gurue, which lies only about 5 hours from the city I now call home. Naturally, I had to climb it. Two other volunteer friends joined me, one, a health volunteer who lives in my province, and another who is a teacher in the province directly south of Zambezia, and was on break between the 2nd and 3rd trimester terms. We all made the trek to Gurue, where we would begin our adventure. As a fact, Gurue is probably the best city in Mozambique. It is up amongst the mountains so it is actually quite cool. It is somewhat of a tourist destination for this reason, so ... read more
The Crew
A look Back

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