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Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 7th 2017

I always seem to wake up before anyone else! I was awake at 7.30 this morning, but was conscious that everyone else was still sleeping! I tried to stay in bed for longer, so as not to wake them, but I do find that difficult! I got up a second time, I made a coffee, and took it back to my bed. I watched Taboo on my iPad for a while, then heard Ella get up. We chatted a while, then she took me upstairs to show me their roof terrace. It's an amazing panoramic view of Tamraght; taking in Taghazout to one side, some houses lower down, then Devil's Rock, the beach, and the sea rolling out as far as the eye can see. The apartment is west facing, so it has a perfect ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ March 6th 2017

Day 3 - Essouira to Imsouane I was up early this morning.... 7.30.. for no reason! I was showered packed and ready to go by about 8.30.... an hour early! I passed 10 minutes; I face timed Beth and Thea. Aw, my heart melts! Thea was a bit confused seeing me on the phone screen as she's only used to seeing Daddy or Ella on the screen. I was pleased to get lots of kisses from her. I decided to go out for coffee whilst Ella and Chakib are ready to go. I'm not complaining, I know how early I am! I left my stuff in Ella's room, paid up, and went off into the medina for a coffee. It's always a slow start in the medina, it's 9am, and it is slowly starting to wake ... read more

Day 2 - Essouira by day I slept like a log last night, as always! I was warm and comfy. The bedding here reminds me of being a kid. They use heavy blankets; you can feel the weight of them. It offers a feeling of warmth, but also security. It's strange how little things can send your mind and thoughts back in time. I woke up naturally at 8.30. I snoozed until about 9.00. I finally got up and started considering the day in front. I set the shower water running. The instructions on door recommend running it for ten minutes to get hot water. Fifteen minutes later, the water is still tepid! So, I took a tepid shower. It's not the end of the world; I have definitely had colder! I knocked on Ella's door, ... read more

Day 1 a Travelling to Essouira It was a fairly early start today. Ross took me to the train train station at 5.50 for the 6.20 train to King's Cross. It was an easy trip down; a bit of snoozing, a coffee, then more snoozing! I've given myself lots of time to get across to Luton airport, so no rush! I sat for a while outside St Pancreas Station.....strange! There is a huge bird cage with a swing hanging from the centre. I didn't even notice it until a lad sat on the swing and started to work it forwards and backwards.... Whilst whistling! Then it registered in my brain, it's a human bird cage! Is it weird? Or is it art? To me, it became art when he started swinging! Then my eyes, or maybe ... read more
Candy King surprise
Chakib tasting his first Battenburg

Africa » Morocco February 11th 2017

When most travelers discuss the premier time to visit a destination, the commentary usually revolves around the best weather or lack of crowds. Paris in the spring. New England in the fall, the Taj Mahal just after the monsoons stop and before the heat returns. Rome in any time except the draining heat of summer. Dreams of uncrowded beaches and palm trees blowing in a warm breeze fill our thoughts. Uncrowded museums and easy tickets to cultural attractions rank high for some. Unfortunately everyone generally agrees on the same timing and the term “season” was invented. In popular places the best time of year may not be synonymous with the best time to visit. Some savvy travelers have mastered the so-called shoulder seasons. They hope to avoid spending all their time in line while not giving ... read more
Chefchaouen, Morocco
Phoenician Graves
Bab Boujloud

Africa » Morocco January 25th 2017

Many years ago, we were walking on the Corniche along the Nile River in Aswan, Egypt. It had been a scorching summer day at Abu Simbel and the breeze from the river felt wonderful. The sky was crystal blue as the sun made its way toward the horizon on the far side of the river. Watching the bustling activity along the waterfront was fascinating. Ferries carried people and cargo back and forth across the quick moving river. Boxes, animals and people were loaded and unloaded as workers took advantage of the coolness of the early evening to complete their heavy workload. Band music could be heard from a passing river cruise ship in the distance. Most interesting to me were the feluccas, Egypt’s classic form of river transport. The beautiful sailboats with white canvas sails tacked ... read more
Jemma el Fna
Essaouira Fishing Fleet

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir January 23rd 2017

Today we woke up and I rallied the troops to go to Paradise Valley Anders drove and we got some bananas in Banana, the next town over. The valley with its scrabbly bushes, red cliffs and sand reminded me so much of Australia and I felt super connected to it. It was a 40 minute drive and 20 minute walk to the valley and we crossed rivers and bushland. When we got to the valley the water was refreshing and I enjoyed swimming to the other side of it and lying on a rock in the sun. When I got back the British lads were there with sandwiches and then some of the guys jumped off the cliff. It was really a smart move going in the morning because at about 14:00 the sun went behind ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir January 22nd 2017

The next day I woke up pretty exhausted and missed breakfast but it wasn't so bad because I ate the best omelette I have ever had in a beachfront cafe. They mixed it with so many onions, tomotoes and unique Morocon spices and served it in the pan they cooked it in. Also you eat the omelette with the bread, using your hand to dip the bread in the omelette. I loved it and was actually probably one of the best meals I've ever had!!! After this my friends and I got coffees from different cafes in Taghazout we them chilled out a bit more then surfed in the afteroon, there was barely any waves at Panorama but i just wanted to have a dip in the ocean. Tonight Im pretty sure we chilled out again ... read more
Stoners point

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir January 21st 2017

So today was a sad day as the Norwegian girls left and they were so nice I enjoyed their company. I was feeling energised in the morning though and wanted to go to the Souk markets in Agadir about 40 minutes away from Taghazout. You can share taxis with other locals and get there quickly and cheaply. I bought, leather shoes, headphones, 8 pairs of socks, two pairs of jeans, mugs and salt and pepper holders for the house. The markets were not too crazy and the shop owners were really nice, they were not really pushy and they didn't mind you looking at all their things and not buying them. I went with a friend who volunteered at the hostel who was a local which obviously had its benefits I got my clothes for less ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir January 20th 2017

The next morning was a bit slow for obviousus reasons and I wanted some time to chill. Luckily I could relax on the roof top, tan and soak up the culture as on Fridays, the Muezzin, I think that is the correct name, the man in the mosque who recites prayers. Recited/sang a prayer for an hour from the Quran. The prayer was beautiful and was recited throughout the whole town. Following this a few of us walked to a point in Taghazout called Panorama for a quick surf and camel ride. Tonight the whole hostel ate Tangine and watched Blood Diamond on Netflix.... read more

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