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Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier March 28th 2015

Morocco was one of my most anticipated adventures on this trip. And I will go no further south or west on this trip until I return to the USA. First, the positive: I went to Africa! I got 2 passport stamps - Spanish for leaving the Schengen area, and Spanish for returning. The food at lunch was great! I've never had couscous, so I was a bit hesitant. But I loved it. The bread was fantastic, the beef on metal skewers tasted great, and the chicken over the couscous was tender and falling off the bone. Yum! The soup had a little too much saffron in it, but based on what my nose has told me in the past, I think most Moroccan food probably has too much saffron in it for me. Lastly, that mint ... read more
Camel Ride for a euro, yo
Atlantic, meet Mediterranean
The Casbah

Africa » Morocco March 18th 2015

Last night I fell asleep with my finger on the photos in my phone. I'm sorry they aren't right side up. Now to the bus. ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech March 18th 2015

We drove over the High Atlas Mountains today to Marrakech. More later. This is a very busy place. We're in a 3 star riad (inn). Left the bus. Now traveling by horse and buggy. (Like true tourists) ... read more
View of the rolling hills
Our road
Road cinstruction

Africa » Morocco March 18th 2015

Have you heard of Argan oil? It's supposed to be fantastic for your skin and hair. This morning we stopped at the argon oil cooperative. Many young women work there pounding the nuts to separate the nuts to extract the kernal which is processed to get the oil. They are young women doing the nut cracking. Our guide, Abdul, said its a good job for them. They get a decent salary and the business is a cooperative intent on improving the lives of women. We got to see, hold and even taste some of the nuts, shells and kernels. I bought some oil and creams. The sample lip balm I tried was great.... read more
Separating the Argan nut kernals

Africa » Morocco » Anti-Atlas March 16th 2015

Today we were to visit typical places, not general tourist places. We first went to the weekly market and practiced our Arabic buying the ingredients for our dinner. In three teams, we got veges, and fruits. My team was responsible for the chicken, to be purchased in a different market. Much of the market reminded me of the Missouri flea markets. Then we went to the fields where the women were oicking alfalfa for the animals. After that, a boarding school for boys from outlying Berber communities. Our IAT travels help support the school. It reminded me of schools in other developing countries. We all brought books and notebooks and other school supplies. The chicken place was very interesting. The killing is done in the halal way, cut the throat and drain the blood by dropping ... read more

Africa » Morocco March 15th 2015

We had great times in Meknes and Fez. I'll come back to them later; now I want to talk about driving through the Sahara and camping in camel hair tents. Actually, there are no camels here, only dromedaries. The latter have one hump. Before we got to the desert we stopped in a store to buy scarves and were taught how to tie them. I got bright blue--one of my favorite colors. Then we drive to an area with the big dunes, you usually see, and are introduced to our dromedaries. My scarf tied on, I was helped on the saddle. But those beasts rise up as though you will be thrown off. I expected it so I held on tight. We walked out in a string. It was great. We never ran. The desert is ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Meknès-Tafilalet March 12th 2015

That's all for now! More later. ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane March 11th 2015

Tonight is our second night in this fantastic Riad, an old (and I mean old in centuries) house that up till 1989 had 31 members of the same family housed here. As the children left to have their own homes, the last 8 relatives decided to turn it into a "Riad" a guest house, small hotel or most like a bed and breakfast. It is huge and and incredibly beautiful. The biggest change was to add a bathroom for every bedroom. I have lots of photos of the intricate handiwork, the mosaics, the carved ivory, etc. Today we went inside the Fes palace walls but not the doors. The king isn't here. When he is there are lots of flags and more guards. Then we went to the old medina. The biggest medina in Morocco, I ... read more
Roadside stand
Our guide's family
The Riad

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat March 9th 2015

Hi everyone, I arrived in Rabat yesterday after hours of travel. I flew Air France from Atlanta to Paris Charles de Gaule airport, changed planes and flew to Casablanca. If you ever have a choice of companies, choose Air France. Delta does handle part of their service, but you will notice a huge difference in Delta's customer service and that of Air France. The latter is superb and I've never heard compliments of Delta's service. It's just barely OK...... Examples include phone communication, try it. In the planes, especially when crossing the ocean, you get wonderful service. Delta does overbook. (They sold 9 seats twice and we were delayed while Air France was taxed with getting us settled.) Enough of that complaint. We were given dinner one hour after we were in the air. First a ... read more
Our group
Our Italian quality guide

Africa » Morocco February 17th 2015

It is true that I have gotten a little distracted by the events and the travel and not given enough attention to the food aspect of this trip. I mean that is the name of the blog "Foodies Unleashed". So here is the first of two blogs about the food One of the highlights this far on this trip has been the Moroccan cooking lesson I took in Marrakech. It is called Souk Cuisine. Souk of course is the name for the marketplace, and thus this course was focused on cooking what comes from the market that day. There are no supermarkets in the souk, little imported foodstuffs and refrigerators are tiny so the custom is that the person of the house responsible for the cooking buys what looks best/freshest from the market that day and ... read more

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