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Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate May 19th 2023

We woke up to beautiful clear skies and a view of the snow covered mountains in the High Atlas. Our first stop was Ait Benhaddou, a picturesque village that is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, best known for featuring in numerous films including Gladiator, though for that film was there significant enhancement of the site by the use of CGI. By arriving early we managed to avoid the crowds, as we walked through the outer wall and then up narrow passageways between ochre coloured buildings. We were taken round one Berber home, which had a small pen to keep the sheep in, as well as storage space for their hay. The unlit original kitchen with an open fire sat next to a more modern kitchen with at least some mod cons. The village nestles at ... read more
Egyptian set, Atlas Studios
Snow on the Anti Atlas mountains
Inside Taourirt kasbah Ouarzazate

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate March 25th 2020

It was going to be difficult to top the great experiences we had in the Erg Chebbi on the previous day and night -- our first camel ride, seeing the vivid sunset and moon rise from the crest of a red sand dune in the Sahara Desert, a night sky full of stars, glamping, and being well fed and entertained with music and dancing around the fire cauldron thanks to our hospitable Berber hosts. But before wandering off to our individual tents for that night, our guide, Larbi, had given us the exact time of sunrise the following morning. Since it would be the perfect ending to experience the desert light full circle from sunrise to moon rise, we didn’t want to miss it. Little by little, our fellow travelers emerged from their tents, obviously still ... read more
Sahara Sunrise

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate January 27th 2020

Before leaving the Dades Valley this morning we took a drive to Tissdrine, passing through the beautiful rock formations called the Monkeys Toes. We've been making a bit of fun of Knackers for the past week, but today, the tables are turned. Having told Hamid at the beginning of our trip that I didn't want to be sitting around all day eating and getting fat in Morocco, today we have parked the van at the bottom of the hill and walked to the top so that " the fat woman can get her exercise"! Shane has renamed this part of the mountain "Monkeys Arsehole" because there is a big hole in the middle of the rock. They both think this is very funny. Its like being on a school camp with 9 year old boys. "I ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate January 19th 2020

Here I go again! Set off tomorrow for a short adventure in Spain and Morocco. Only three and a half weeks but mostly hectic travelling. Start off with 4 nights in Malaga, staying with friend John who is hiring an apartment near the city centre (he's already there). John's brother, Michael, who lives near Granada will be joining us towards the end of this week. On Friday 24th, Michael & me head off by coach to the ferry. Then, after a night in Tangier, catch a train to Marrakech, a few nights there then a coach to Ouazazate, near the sahara (3nights), then a coach to Tarroudant, south of the High Atlas from Marrakech (3nights), then after 1 night in Agadir, a coach to Tafroute, in middle of the Anti Atlas (3nights). Then it's a mad ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate September 18th 2018

You know more of a road by having travelled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world- William Hazlitt We had a much better start to the day this morning! There was sufficient hot water for me to shower, and I managed not to flood the bathroom this time. The breakfast was much improved, as was dinner last night. Last night we had a cooked Moroccan salad (rice and assorted veggies), bread, olives, and a quite tasty vegetarian couscous, all washed down with a small bottle of rosé. Plus fresh fruit salad for dessert. I was very stuffed. Breakfast was that same tasty pancakey pastry, with apricot jam, a boiled egg, really nice baguette, yogurt, and good strong coffee. We headed off about 9 am, for a short drive to a rose product ... read more
Cute fake storks nest on the roof of the Ksar Kaissar
Abdul helping Susan through the mud
Local helping me through the flooded road

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate January 7th 2018

Ouarzazate situated South of Morocco. It draws it's Berber name Dumot. It is often the stop of predilection for tourists on their way towards the doors of the Sahara. Most of them stopover to supply provisions for their travels to the desert. You can surely plan one day or two in the city, You can find many hotels for accommodation and benefit from the traditional food locals offer. It is worth the turning. The town's popularity are the cinemas sites which are present here. Their are films like Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, and Gladiators which where turned here partially or in their integrality. Some of my pictures evokes the atmosphere of this city. Enjoy the ride.... read more
Ouazazate city
Village nearby
Date trees

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate July 15th 2015

Today we've booked a full-day tour up over the Atlas Mountains to the town of Ouarzazate and the fortified city of Ait Benhaddou. We're picked up at the crack of dawn, and meet our guide and driver whose name is Abdul, and two young American men who'll be our travelling companions for the day. Issy's prone to car sickness so she asks if she can sit up the front with Abdul. The Americans are in the middle, so I climb into the back seat. The first part of our trip is through flat, fertile looking country criss-crossed with irrigation channels. We cross some wide and almost dry river beds that almost look a bit out of place in the arid landscape. Even here outside Marrakech virtually all the buildings are the same earthy red colour as ... read more
Issy with Ahmed.  He has wandering hands.
Atlas Mountains
Berber museum

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate May 24th 2015

As we stepped off our camels at the Merzouga camp, we had been greeted with an idyllic scene - pretty ornate lamps laid out in front of the camp like lights along a landing strip, rugs covering every square inch of ground between the tents, white tents standing side by side with beckoning flaps. Awakening the next morning we found an entirely different scene. I was the first to try to leave our tent, and could not initially get out even after unzipping the flap. As it turned out, our particular tent had been ideally situated to catch the blowing sand during the storm, and our hosts had stopped a lot of sand from coming in by tying a large rug up in front of our tent, weighted down by sandbags and heavy cushions at the ... read more
Morocco 2015 1216 Merzouga Morocco 052515
Morocco 2015 1218 Merzouga Morocco 052515
Morocco 2015 1220 Merzouga Morocco 052515

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate March 2nd 2014

Ouarzazate and AitBenHaddou from 08/06/2013 to 09/06/2013... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate January 25th 2014

Sidi Ifni rested quietly at the coast. The town had its own airport in the middle of the city. One day a week there is a big market on the runway. Close by the sea the menu was traditional Morrocan tajine with fish. And we had nice tajine served in the nearby hotel at a price of 45 DH, approx 4€. The cost of living is next to nothing for europeans. And the further south we have been, the cheaper. The people outside of the tourist areas are even more friendly. They help you with anything you ask. We try to use their services for all our needs, and in that way support the locals. Our tour along the coast to Aglou past Milfest is a area where they collect honey, with the locals selling honey ... read more
West Sahara
West Sahara
West Sahara

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