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February 6th 2008
Published: February 15th 2008
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Rob's perpetual moaning about our continuous early mornings finally won over as we spent the morning in bed. Even once we were awake we laid in bed chatting until we figured we really should get up.

We had planned to spend the day at the beach but one step outside halted that plan. It was scolding hot and the thermometer in the shade said 32°C. We took the short walk down to the front and due to the complete lack of shade needed to hide somewhere. It was dinner time but the strip of overpriced pizzaria's weren't entirely enticing, the best we found were sandwiches at a café that had umbrellas for shade. We spent as long as possible sitting there watching braver (or more foolish) people walk past in the sun. Most people were actually following suit and staying out of the sun, so the beach was pretty empty.

Once we had outstayed our welcome we moved on to McDonalds for two icecreams which we nursed until the sun weakened somewhat. During this time we planned our next moves around Morocco and came up with a rough idea of time.

Eventually we decided To brave the slightly cooler sun and headed onto a quiet section of the beach. We laid down and read until the wind was whipping sand in our eyes at which point we enjoyed helping the sand whip down the beach. We must have looked like we were having fun because this guy came over to talk to us. At first I thought he was just struggling to speak English but it turned out he was deaf. You would think that a conversation would be extremely difficult due to the deafness and language differences but we managed rather admirably.

We were not going to give up on our time on the beach because of a small thing like a sandstorm. (Only a slight exaggeration) Rob drew up a Bullseye and found a few rocks and we created a game similar to darts. During this we had a couple of pushy hustlers interrupt us and try to sell us junk. They really try your patience after a while, how many different ways can you say NO!

We saw a lovely looking restaurant called Yacout near to our hotel so we went in and got one of the last available tables. The waiter came over and when I ordered my salad and vegetable cous cous I told him in Arabic that I was a vegetarian. He smiled and nodded and disappeared. My salad was completely covered in fish when it was deposited infront of me. I signaled to him and he appologised and took it away. Before I got my salad back Rob got his main course and managed to eat a lot of it before my salad arrived back still covered in fish. This time when I told the waiter he rudely went to push the fish onto a separate plate. I left my salad for Rob who didn't really want it either, but my couscous arrived with a chicken in it I gave in. We went inside and paid for Rob's and argued until we managed to leave without paying for mine.

We found another eatery Les Arcades which was Moroccan all the way. I paid 20dh (£1.30) for a lovely veggie tagine, and Rob had a fruit salad which were both served by a nice friendly guy. Much nicer than some restaurant created purely for tourists.

Back at the hotel we weren't particularly tired due to our late start so we sat up with a glass of wine and both with our equally strange books.

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With Sugar?

23rd February 2008

bl--dy football
Hi Here am I enjoying all your wonderful stories of far flung (!) places and all the time dad is watching M'Bro on Match of the Day and I am having to stop and make polite replies to his comments!!! Comments about the referee, Stuart Downing, disallowed goals that were not... etc etc etc ah now The King and I that would make better watching... Bylove a football disliker..

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