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September 5th 2012
Published: September 5th 2012
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Today I moved in with my homestay family. They are SO nice and welcoming. I am living with a mother, father, and their two children. The oldest is a girl my age and she is very sweet and helpful, and she speaks excellent english. The younger brother I haven't met yet. My host parents speak both Arabic and French so I will be able to practice both. The house is absolutely beautiful, everything has amazing Moroccan designs and it is such a relaxed and comfortable setting. I was really nervous moving in but it is definitely not scarey and I live very close to my program director, who is actually family friends with my homestay family. The town I live in is called Temara and is right next to Rabat, but not within walking distance of the school. My family said we will probably go to the beach tomorrow and this weekend so maybe I will even get kind of tan! My host sister said she wanted to get tan and I thought it was so funny because her skin is already like a beautiful glowing tan color. Soon we will start our arabic courses so we can learn the colloquial necessities. It's also really cool that you can hear the call to prayer everyday from whereever you are, I've never experienced anything like that.


5th September 2012

I was sooooooo glad to read this Kailee! Im delighted that you are settled in and feeling so comfortable allready. That is very imporntant for us to hear that news and I thank you for the update! We are very proud of you and it is so much fun reading these entrys as I cannot even begin to imagine what life life is like there without your vibrant descriptions! Please keep it up whenever you have time. I love you honey. Dad

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