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March 9th 2015
Published: March 9th 2015
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3/9/15 Rabat, Morocco3/9/15 Rabat, Morocco3/9/15 Rabat, Morocco

Our guide, Abdul. Today he wore more comfortable clothes. Check the shoes. He said he has them in different colors.
Hi everyone, I arrived in Rabat yesterday after hours of travel. I flew Air France from Atlanta to Paris Charles de Gaule airport, changed planes and flew to Casablanca. If you ever have a choice of companies, choose Air France. Delta does handle part of their service, but you will notice a huge difference in Delta's customer service and that of Air France. The latter is superb and I've never heard compliments of Delta's service. It's just barely OK......

Examples include phone communication, try it.

In the planes, especially when crossing the ocean, you get wonderful service. Delta does overbook. (They sold 9 seats twice and we were delayed while Air France was taxed with getting us settled.) Enough of that complaint.

We were given dinner one hour after we were in the air. First a menu, then the food. I will publish the photos.

Last night I rested 5 minutes then joined the group for a meeting and introductions. Everyone else had arrived in the morning. I will ask OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) why I wasn't sent to NYC to join the others. I was the only one on Air France. The rest were on Air Moroc from NYC directly to Casablanca. I'm not complaining because I met very interesting people by traveling alone.

So, last night after the meeting we had a fantastic dinner on a ship docked on the Bou regreg river, which separates Rabat from the city of Sale´ (that's pronounced the French way, Sal-ay). The ship was made in India of teak wood, special order to be a restaurant. It was then shipped to Morocco. Wonderful meal. We could have wine in that restaurant, but most places follow the Muslim rule of no alcohol.

I'm closing now and will find out how to load the photos.

Additional photos below
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Our groupOur group
Our group

Here we are
Our Italian quality guideOur Italian quality guide
Our Italian quality guide

This man is with us for a few days as quality control. He arrived the same time I did so I got to talk with him on the ride from Casablanca to Rabat. He has been a guide with OAT in Italy for 10 years.
Royal guardsRoyal guards
Royal guards

Wonderful costumes. In the seventeenth century the king started having royal guards who were black Africans, often eunuchs. Over time the guards became Berbers.
More recent mausoleum More recent mausoleum
More recent mausoleum

Three kings are buried here. Several following photos are the outside and inside.
Unfinished minaret Unfinished minaret
Unfinished minaret

It was not destroyed by the earthquake.
Great mosqueGreat mosque
Great mosque

Built in 1100 to be the biggest in Islam with a minaret that was never finished. In 1750 a great earthquake destroyed the mosque, but the unfinished minaret remained, the square tower in another photo.
Horseshoe doorHorseshoe door
Horseshoe door

Horses are ridden through this door. The pointed top was for strength. No cement was used.
The gunThe gun
The gun

Check out the elaborate gun.

9th March 2015

So glad all is going well! Good to hear! :) l,g
9th March 2015

So glad all is going well! Good to hear! :) l,g
9th March 2015

Congrats on Trip to Morocco by Air France
Good to hear the good news about Air France, not surprised about Delta. Have a great time. Howard
10th March 2015

Thank you Sue
Enjoying your journey--pictures and notes are great and educational as always! Looking forward to more.
10th March 2015

Mom, these pictures are awesome! I thought "necropolis" was just a fantasy-novel word, it's pretty cool that you're actually visiting one. The pool of eels is awesome...and the storks too!

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