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March 1st 2008
Published: March 5th 2008
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When I woke up this morning my tummy was making way too much noise to be good. We made it to our new hotel Centre when I was really ill in a way that eerily echoed the beginning of Rob's illness last time. At first I thought it would be brief and that a look around Rabat would be feasible, but I kept on being sick and decided that bed was my safest option.

Luckily for me being ill so soon after last time had diminished my energy supplies so I Managed to doze throughout the day. Rob ran out to get food and drink etc and even returned with a rose. (Romantic despite the event) He spent some time at the internet café next door but then returned for a pretty dull day with me. Yesterday I finished a pretty hefty book, which I think will take Rob till we're back in England to finish, so at least he had something to read.

At the end of the day I was sick of lying in bed so we both got up and had a walk around to find food. Last time we were ill I got a salad from McDonalds which I managed to eat so I figured that was my best bet. I reckon Rob enjoyed his McRoyal meal much more than he let on, simply because it meant he managed to avoid encountering another tagine.

I lasted for about forty minutes and then began to feel pretty rotten so we returned the hotel room. Rob has spent most of the evening huddling under the covers because there is a big hole in our room which leads directly outside. He curses me every time I feel hot and sticky and throw off the covers. We are going to sit and watch an episode of Prison Break and then I am going to try and sleep again. There is no way I am going to spend another day in bed when we have so few of them left. Oh and I am completely off any foods that could have tap water in them, that includes orange juices.
Night night. Stob.


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