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December 27th 2011
Published: December 27th 2011
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Can't believe we're in Morocco 3.5 weeks already - absolutely crazy that time flies so fast in this place - but on the other hand everything takes an age to do - everything involves a cup of tea and sitting down chatting - no rushing allowed. At this stage though we're experts in bartaring, drinking tea, looking at carpets & berber jewellery and being called Fatima and Mohammed :-) Although in fairness we have got a few useful things for the van like a teaset, table and a load of blankets... we also have moved onto stage 2 of Crusty Level and we have exchanged broken speakers, a top and a handbag for argan oil and honey at the side of the road... I think I'm scarily approaching stage 3 as I purchased a pair of those harem pants - very unlike me... I'm also wearing crusty leather sandals. Brendan is just going for the smelly look at this stage and his woolly jumper is so smelly all the cats in Morocco are very attracted to it. Hopefully we'll find a washing machine soon!

We spent the Christmas living it up in a posh hotel - only for me to get food poisoning from the buffet - my stomach did an urgent alarm clock at 1am Christmas night and I made great friends with the bedroom en suite for the night :-( Apparantly it was my own fault for playing russian roulette with the salad bar! Although how bad - a new years detox brought on early :-)

At this stage we're starting to cross up and down Morocco in a very disorganised fashion. We've been doing zero planning but we're going to head north east towards Algerian border and then head back down south again to the sun... we have until end Feb until visa runs out so we might as well avail of the sunny weather and cheap diesel / food till then! Who knows we might reach crusty level 5 or 6.... dreadlocks - aghhh!

We've loads of stories and photos so far but hopefully with a better internet connection we'll get more of the photos up!




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