Worst Hike Ever!

Published: May 2nd 2013
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Woman's CooperativeWoman's CooperativeWoman's Cooperative

I couldn't tell if any of this was authentic..but it was fun...here I'm grinding the argan nuts...
We left Marrakech around 9:30 am by taxi, with a new driver (the one we had booked had his cousin? take us instead). He turned out to be great, driving carefully and asking politely if we wished to stop at any of the dozens of tourist traps we passed. We did agree to go into an argan oil women's coop, where Lynn bought oil that is maybeargan and had a great 6 minute massage. We arrived in Setti Fadma around 11:30am and were immediately accosted for hotel/guide/restaurant help. We finally escaped and found a hotel for about $35/night. We next set off to do the famed 7 waterfalls hike. There are no signs for the trail which begins somewhere in the maze of riverfront restaurants, and we attracted the attention of a very persistant guide. I finally told him that I wanted to be alone with my husband, and that didn't even work. We finally gave up and went back to the road, which appeared to convince him that we were so stupid that we weren't worth his time! We could then see the trail and headed back on the right pathway. And the bad times began...

Even though it was a weekday, there were hundreds of people on the trail. The trail was very rough and rocky to begin with and the rocks were polished to a glass-like slipperyness by the passage of thousands of feet. At times, we were stuck in traffic jams of human bodies....along the better parts of the path, there were shops and places to eat....We made it to the first falls and turned back, feeling lucky that Bill only hyper-extended his knee once....

I went out before dinner as the town emptied out, and had a nice half hour with a local merchant looking at fossils and jewelry. I bought some fossils (that might be real), but no jewelry...

That night was cold...no heat, but mounds of blankets on our bed...love sleeping warm in a cold room!

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Road to Setti FadmaRoad to Setti Fadma
Road to Setti Fadma

Once we left Marrakech and the plains, we followed this river into the mountains and to Setti Fadma.
High Atlas MountainsHigh Atlas Mountains
High Atlas Mountains

Snow on the further peaks
Waterfall HikeWaterfall Hike
Waterfall Hike

All along the trail, vendors had different ways to display their drinks and keep cold with mountain water.
Waterfall TrailWaterfall Trail
Waterfall Trail

A tangine restaurant right on the trail. Why don't we have this in the Cascades?
First Waterfall....First Waterfall....
First Waterfall....

This is where we turned around.
Almost downAlmost down
Almost down

Bill just hurt his knee....
Stone carver toolsStone carver tools
Stone carver tools

I bought a tiny cat....
End of trailEnd of trail
End of trail

Glad I saw this after I walked across...
View from Hotel terraceView from Hotel terrace
View from Hotel terrace

Women dress in all degrees of coverings: from none to full burka

2nd May 2013

That hike looked
pretty interesting. G

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