The Only Sun Was After it Had Gone Dark

Published: April 6th 2013
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Entering The SouksEntering The SouksEntering The Souks

Now for some serious shopping in the Souk El Kessabine
On the bus tour it said that the length of the Medina walls was 9Km (5½ miles) so I thought that would be a good idea for a run. It actually turned out to be 10½ miles (including the distance from the hotel and back) as there were a few points where you could run along the wall directly. I was also following what I thought was the Media wall, but it was actually the wall alongside the Jardins de l’Agdal gardens. I realised after a while that it didn’t look right as there were no buildings on the other side of the wall, so I turned around and cut through the gardens themselves, so that added a bit of extra distance.

The walls along the side that we had seen were renovated and featured nicely manicured trees and gardens. The walls around the other side were completely different; run down and featured what better resembled a shanty town, with people huddled around a fire in a dustbin.

We all later visited the Souks again for the last time to do some shopping, which was completely successful as we got everything that we intended, and nothing more. Our daughter
Sunset Above The CloudsSunset Above The CloudsSunset Above The Clouds

No rain and some sun at last
took the lead on the bartering (albeit with us whispering in her ear) as we figured we might as well try and use her blond hair to our advantage.

As it was Friday, there was a call to prayer at mid-morning and everyone seemed to drop everything that they were doing and head straight to the mosque.

The only let-down on the day was the rain. On-and-off it poured and we had to frequently take shelter to avoid getting soaking wet. That was not what we wanted when we booked to come to Morocco, although a part from a bit of rain today, it had met all our expectations.

At the airport we saw exactly what I had bought in the Souks for MD270 (€24, £20) on sale for €15, but I guess that serves us right for relying on blond hair to get a good price. The security at the airport was split with separate queues for men and women, which I had never seen anywhere before.

We hadn’t seen any sun all day, but once our plane was above the clouds we had quite a spectacular sunset, so that made a nice memory to leave Morocco with rather than the rain that had been on-and-off all day.


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