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December 17th 2011
Published: December 17th 2011
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Taxi in morning rush hour - also in Rabat! Crazy
hey there! can't believe we're in Morocco 2 weeks already - feels like we've been here months and months! Its a really cool place - in parts laid back and in other ways complete chaotic! The people are dead on - and we've only been ripped off around 3 times ha ha. Coming through the border was prob the most mad - we got the ferry to Ceuta (which is a part of spain over here) as we were told it was easier than arriving directly to Tangier. All went fine though - we were slightly nervous cause we had printed our green card insurance document on green paper we bought as we didn't have the original one. They weren't bothered by it or the dog so all good! We did however get conned into acquiring a guide! One of the lads working at the border asked for a lift to town and also mentioned that it was market day - and this market only happened once a month. We've arrived in many places since where market day just happened to be on - shock horror! its amazing how lucky we have been to arrive on the special market day in

Morning rush hour in Rabat!
all these places :-) Anyway, after trekking around the markets and then having to endure a carpet selling speel and mint teas, we managed to get away and had to fork out for the 'guide' we gave a lift to... oh well - you learn these things - and he was handy for getting us used to traffic and roads.

The drivers here are completely mental - sweving in and out - overtaking on bends, hills, anywhere! Driving at night with no lights - its just complete loonsville. Brendan is getting the hang of it now though and is practically moroccan in his approach to driving :-) the lack of tan gives him away as a foreigner though!

We've spent most of the time along the coast - but we've headed in towards marakesh for a couple of days. We had originally thought about staying here for christmas but we'll prob head towards the desert maybe.... have to plan it out. We've doubled up on our route a couple of times but sure no panic - diesel is only 65c a litre! bargain city.

Ok - have to leg it here! Threw up a couple of photos...

surprise camel ride on beach for my birthday!
have an internet dongle now so hopefully can update blog a bit more frequently!

PS - we also encountered more cops here :-) They're digging up casablanca for a new tram system and a load of the roads are closed so we found ourselves in the middle of a construction site and we got escorted by 2 traffic cops cross country over to the motorway! V funny

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Traffic cops helping us in Casablanca!

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